Thursday, May 17, 2012

I finally accomplished something constructive. Another little size 4 little girls outfit. This knit fabric was a piece from the one where I had started Sister-in-law that shirt and then ruined it. I did ask her if she would want it for a house shirt and she said yes.There was just enough left over for this little outfit.

DH had his CT Scan this morning & it was not easy to accomplish because he is so claustrophobic,move so than he has ever been in his whole life time. This machine just looked like a giant hoolahoop -standing upright. They even took my advice & put a cloth over his face. That flunked because he raised his arm and bumped the machine and he was up from there and gone before anybody knew what happened.

The next technique was to find him a sedative & the cloth and that time it worked. Then they moved us to another place to have Xrays of his chest and he did good with that. He said he wished all machines could be that easy.We will not find out anything until next week when he goes back for a chemo treatment.

After we got out of there DH was a zombie! I was forced to drive and it was scary for me . I have not driven but this is the 3rd time in 4 years since a car wreck-but this was the best way to be forced to test the waters & in my opinion it was a failure. Yes, I did get us home and it was only a little country road from the hospital to our house-but ????? I think the roads are not as wide  now as they were  4 years ago????

Plus, I was driving 30 MPH & it seemed like 60 to me as far as being able to control the car. ???? Plus I had this inclination that I wanted to just drive right off the road-I Don't Know Where That Came From-but it definitely would not have been a good idea. To have squished our little vehicle would have broken my heart.

But we did make it home and I think DH was asleep before he hit the lounge chair. I fixed us a bit to eat and woke him up and got some of that in him and he has slept all day & still sleeping. I know how he feels because sleep has tried to jump all over me all day long.It has been a constant battle. I know IF I were to go to sleep -then I would not be able to sleep tonight . We both are just having trouble sleeping at night & IF you do not get your night-time sleep-then you feel ROTTEN the next day and flunk at everything you lay your hand to. So, that was Why I was so thrilled to pull  off a project-Yea!

This was suppose to be a real treat for me. I had purchased this brand spanking new Shark iron on sale about a year and half ago. I put it up for the next emergency to have on hand. Well since then I have gone through one and almost another one irons. The one that is the half is the little one I have been using that sometimes heats and sometimes does what it wants to-no matter what I think.

SO, I pulled this baby off of the shelf and when I took it out of the box I said -OOOOOOOOOOO! It is So pretty! I filled her up with fresh water and plugged her in while I sat up the ironing board . Got the little outfit and used the lint roller on it because of Miss Rosie's hairs and checked the iron out and it was dead as a door nail. ????? I wiggled it a little bit -then checked the cords and could find NOTHING but a Dead iron! I was so miffed -but too tired to have a conniption , so I carried it to the kitchen  and it spilled water everywhere ???? Can ANYBODY tell me why irons do that! My ironing board is drenched.

I plugged it in the kitchen and sat it down in the sink . When I turned around the little light was on. I almost fainted -but not to enjoy that long -when it saw me checking it out - it doused that little light -and NO MATTER how hard I begged -it just would not turn back on again.

 A LEMON ! Yep - that is what I am calling it! Companies should Pay me to locate all of their lemons because I sure could do that job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Linda...I could just cry for you when it comes to your machinery!!! I think you should have been born before electricity, and only used a treadle machine, and heated up an iron on a wood stove. LOL But then again, that could go wrong too! I have to admire your attitude though, because I might have thrown that iron out the door and maybe hit something or someone! sigh~~~ So I guess it is another iron for you! By the way, your little outfit is adorable!!! Is there a children's shop anywhere in the area that you sell to? Or a consignment shop. We have several in our area. They are just so cute~ ♥♥♥

  2. What a bugger about the iron, and a shame you probably can't take it back now.
    It's good that your hubby is sleeping lots right now, obviously he needs it.