Saturday, May 5, 2012

Black slacks - yep , that is all I wanted to learn today -was how to make a pair of black slacks out of a Very Stretchy black piece of fabric. YEA - Right - I wanted a comforting day doing something I love that is useful-BUT- what did I get ? Another day with Drama in it and this time I cannot blame the Embroidery Machine. Nope - this time he is in the clear!Now, I DID get my blacks slacks-but also a few lessons on the side that I did not call for?

That little white thing in the back with the green handle is a lint roller-but I did not need it for lint - I needed it for Miss Rosie's white hairs. Yep- I made the mistake of turning my back and Miss Rosie "Showered" on it. The thicker hairs I could pick off -but those small ones were EVERYWHERE . They were even entwined into the fabric making it look like it was Sewn into it. So, I kept the lint roller busy for the duration of the project.

AAAAHHHH - the magic Pink bottle ??? It is filled with vinegar and I keep it in the bathroom and also one in the kitchen and they are in use constantly. This particular time I had read that using vinegar to spray on folds to "Set" a seam and make a more permanent fold. So, I decided to test it out and see how it behaves.

And of course I had to have some Unplanned drama. I was sewing down one of my last seams and I stopped and cut my thread and was easing the seam at the end of the legs  when all of a sudden the SEWING machine took off running like a wild colt!????? Then it quit as quickly as it had started. I had to finish one last seam and I was concentrating very hard because this stretchy fabric was giving me some challenges. I had just got every thing all lined up nice and neat and started down the final stretch of my foot hem when Mr. Sewing machine tried to run over my fingers-on its own . I squealed and jumped back out of the way???? This time I studied this evil machine & it's pranks and wondered what was going on?

I pulled the pants off of the machine and was easing those stitches out when the silly thing just took off one more time-I hollered for DH & he did not hear me - it kept on and I hollered for DH again- still he did not hear me over his tv -still the machine kept on so I hollered one more time -this time he heard me and came to see what I wanted. Just as he hit the door - IT STOPPED!  I knew it - now he would think I was some crazy lady when I told him it was sewing on its own. He looked at me quirky and as he turned his view to the machine - it took off all on its own -one more time! That time I was tickled because he would see for his own eyes. After it had its say -it quit and silence was in the room. So, what have you guys been up to?

But at least I completed my project and I did not get run over by a sewing machine -so I am happy.


  1. whoa...that is a strange story and a strange experience to have! I thought maybe you were going to tell us your cat was under the machine with your foot and was helping the foot petal along! I sure have no idea what would cause that to happen! Hope your pants fit well!?! ♥♥♥ :)

  2. Boy, a run away sewing machine, something may be caught in the pedal. But you did get your slacks finshed