Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trouble ? Sometimes I just wonder how in the world I manage to get myself into so much trouble.
I thought I was making a good start because I got to the sewing room about lunch time and picked out the design I preferred and started working on it. The right stabilizer - the right topper and I pulled it nice and tight.
I was about half way into it -with my mind racing ahead to what I could do next to accomplish my goals-when that loud racket that the embroidery  machine has been making   stopped -and there was dead silence?

I think I was stunned -and then the project in the hoop started jumping and lurching up and down and back and forward & I hit the stop button. I peeked up under the project and I could see a big nest of thread , so I pulled out the kitchen knife I Used to use on the Brother machine -then pushed it up under to the tangle and gently sliced it loose.

Disappointment -disappointment. I carefully cleaned off the design by cutting one thread at a time and then restarted it -hoping - only to meet disappointment once again. I did try it one more time and the same thing,even through I took everything apart and cleaned down in the race . I did not want to turn it off and quit because then I would lose my place - so I took a break and worked on the computer for a while.  I did some much needed maintenance on the computers and am now eyeballing it one more time as it sits here beside me. I HATE to lose my place because that was to be my sister-in-laws shirt and I do not have any more fabric that I could cut out another front for it-dag gone it.

I think I will try one more time and then if that is a failure I will load her up in the car , as DH has an early morning doctor visit and then we could take it Back to the machine doctor in the city after that. We both just felt too bad to try to make that trip this afternoon. So, maybe tomorrow?

It was a damp , dark , cloudy day-drizzled off and on  & normally the embroidery takes my mind off of the weather?

I had called the cell phone company because our service has steadily gone down hill & they wanted me to try out something called an extender and it came today. So, far - it has not worked either-it is sitting in there blinking it's lights saying it cannot connect and since that is suppose to be a hundred dollars I need to pack that booger back up and send it on its way too.

DH has felt bad today to , and he has slept most of the day .
Now it is getting late and I need to go tackle my evening chores and tell my critters all of my problems and "let them fix them for me"! LOL
Have a great day to all!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hope you are both feeling better and you get the machine to work.

    Love the Dutch Iriss

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous!!! That should help cheer you up with your machine troubles~

    I'm so sorry this machine is acting up also~! Is it possibly the thread? I've had thread that has little weak areas or knots and that could maybe be the cause~ Just a thought~

    I hope you have a good trip into town. And I will continue to pray for your DH!~ Lots of love coming your way~ ♥♥♥

  3. Sit and relax and enjoy your beautiful Iris flowers. I hope you have a much better time soon.
    hugs from me.

  4. oh Linda I know how you feel. When I was doing my sewing machine cover Something happened to my big design. I paniced. It was almost done too. only 2 more threads changes to go. that design took almost 4 hours. it ripped the stabilizer under neath. I carefully took it off the machine and ironed on interfacing. slide it back on the machine and I was able to save it. it happens to all of us.