Wednesday, May 2, 2012

O, it is truly a magical time of year-there is beauty just about everywhere you look . I managed to do all of the morning chores so we could get ready and take off to Roanoke to catch up with DH's sister and B-I-L . Eddie had to come all the way over here to have shots in his hips that hurt him so bad-it is a Veterans hospital.

 They were kind enough to take us out to eat with them and since the restaurant was not busy we spent the rest of the evening there just catching up with each family.Katherine had on one of the tee shirts I had made her and that made me SO happy.

 We were so blessed that we have air-conditioning in the car. It was 89 today . We came on back home and  DH dived into the television and I have run around like a nut re-doing all of the chores and making sure everybody has water. Whew!

This is my two beautiful flowers that have just started blooming  and you can tell it was almost dark as I HAD to have a picture of them-didn't want them to sneak away and me not appreciate them.  Dear B-I-L gave DH the rest of his birthday present and it was a lovely bird -house . Eddie makes the nicest bird houses. When we left them I asked DH, "WHY is it that YOU get all of the bird-houses - and not ME! LOL I will try and post that tomorrow.
So, another beautiful day has flown away . I have just read a funny tip - It says to read a book for ten minutes with your et
 turned on and the volume turned up. Then put the book down and watch tv for ten minutes . Do this for 3 times to help improve your memory!

So, love to all! catch you tomorrow!
Hugs, Linda


  1. I love those flowers, are they Colombines?

  2. Such pretty flowers Linda.
    Is Sue right. She is very good at knowing names of flowers...
    Pleased DH and you had a nice day.

  3. what beautiful flower . you must have a green thumb.