Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One of my favorite quotes has been: A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever & that is how I feel about all the beauty that surrounds each of us.Sometimes we get So hung up in just the Busyness of everyday life that some of the beauty slips by us unseen. And then you come up with : One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure - so IF that beauty slips by one of us and the next one of us captures the moment and lets that beauty inspire -what a treasure it becomes.

Today was such a wild day -so I needed to snitch a little beauty along the way for strength to persevere. I did get up early and get all of the chores accomplished and we grabbed breakfast and we took the trash down to the road as we left for DH's doctor visit. I also grabbed my embroidery machine to see IF we would make it to the city.I even "Hog-tied" her to the back of my seat with a belt so that she would not get jostled around on the trip.

 His doctor visit went well but his crazy body???? As soon as we arrived at the office and into the little room -all of his painful things - Stopped! Entirely! No pain -not even when she poked and prodded . I did tell her about it but that is not like seeing it for real. She said something is going on with his stomach , so she scheduled him for a CT scan on Monday. We were running a little late-as we had to wait for them to make the appointment with the hospital.

But as soon as we were out we hopped in the car and headed to Roanoke to where ALPINE Sewing is located . This was why I wanted a Janome -because I have seen their work and they are honest and kind and KNOWLEDGEABLE!!!!!!!!!! Instead of having to leave the machine this time -the main lady that I always see had it fixed in approximately an hour and we were back on our way-With my baby in tact. This time it was the bobbin case !!!! New case - works like a charm-now IF I can just get that booger lined back up and save the project??????  HOPE, HOPE< HOPE!

Time was slipping away because I had hoped we could come back through the mountains of Floyd where  The School House Fabrics is located. We also wanted to go that way because they were blasting on the Interstate and we did not want to get hung up in that backed up-re-routed traffic that holds you back for an hour.We do not have much Patience for being stuck in traffic so we took the country route and I did get to stop at the School House and I did find the perfect gray knit that I was looking for ! Yea- that was a fast trip in & out in about 20 minutes.

So, off once again and headed back to the Same town we had left the doctors from because I was hoping to pick up my meds , but was worried about the time because of my counseling session. We stopped at the clinic and they said I could not pick up my meds UNTIL Friday. I was disappointed and thought it would have been even worse IF we had made a special trip and wasted gas?????  But we were in the area -so that was not so bad and we do have to be back in town on Friday Anyway -so Hopefully I Might get my meds ??? After counseling we headed home - so we had driven all day long in ONE Big Round Circle and we were both pooped. DH has even gone to bed  - so you KNOW he is beat.  I am beginning to wonder IF anybody really knows before they reach "the Mature years" - how really challenging they can be?  You just do not have the energy that you had before. I know this is because IF we did not have bodies that we wear out -then we might just want to stay here forever . But -still - it is challenging. LOL

I am just thrilled to be home and all the chores are finished and bed is looking GOOD. Partly because the night BEFORE I know that we have an early morning appointment that I Just Can Not go to sleep???? I do not have any idea WHY-but it is a big ole pain in my "betoosia"! LOL
I do know IF I am still alive &kicking in the morning that I hope to prewash my knits to get them ready to "make some magic"! Yea! But first I will attempt to save my almost ruined project???? I will try for the last time to remove that monster thread nest and AIM for the right position. Hope,Hope, Hope! Time will definitely tell!

So, Love to all and to all a Good Night ----OR ---A Good Day!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a day Linda! Some good and some not so perfect. So happy you got your machine fixed! That is your FUN, and when it isn't working, there is no fun! :) Can't wait to see what you sew with your new gray fabric.

    I felt I was traveling with you today! It was fun~ :) ♥♥♥

  2. Goog news about the machine, I do hope all goes well with your bloke too.
    Sending good vibes for you all.