Sunday, May 20, 2012

Babies - aren't they just the cutest ,most precious gifts on Earth.  This little bundle of  joy is now 5 months old and he is such a sweet ,funny little character. I have never seen a baby so full of joy. He laughs all the time and will carry on a running conversation with you the entire time. Of course it does help to know how to speak "baby" -but you still get the point. This is the youngest of the great grand babies & he is a doll and he came to visit today.

This is his precious Dad , who came up today and put that fence back up for us -the one that the flood had taken down. He was dripping wet with sweat from the work. DH went out with him but was unable to do much. He is so weak and so sick at his stomach. Sometimes he throws up and sometimes he just suffers from the nausea . His next doctor visit is tomorrow and maybe we will find what the tests show and Maybe we will find out where this terrible pain in his stomach is coming from? That's a lot of maybe-s , isn't it?

I was working on a pair of knit slacks to go with that shirt for my sister-in-law , but had to stop.

I better run -too much to do and not enough "me" to accomplish all I want to do.
Hugs- Linda


  1. What cute little fellow.
    Great to have the fence up agin...
    Hope you do get some results tomorrow to help DH with his pain.

  2. He is a gorgeous baby for sure... all babies are!
    I hope the visit to the Dr's helps ... even if they can give him something for the nausea?

  3. Beeeoootiful baby, he's grown such a lot. I hope your bloke, the big "D", has good results from the Dr. Thinking of you both every day.