Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sewing Guild - yep, today was our Sewing Guild Meeting with lots of interesting information.  We had a visiting speaker -Ray Cumbee. I hope I am spelling her name right ,but she had her own pattern for a jacket that she had designed . It had square sleeves and she used that pattern and made jackets for Spring, Summer , Fall & Winter with just the use of different fabrics and it was amazing how different they all came out. She even made one from Alpaca that was felted and she knitted sleeves for it.

One thing I liked about some of her projects was Big Buttons on the front and if the main fabric was not stable enough to support the weight of a big button -she was use a band of upholstery fabrics. Then one lady in the Guild showed off her jacket she had made and it LOOKED like 3 buttons clustered together in a group and there were 3 groups of them . They were beautiful buttons and she pulled a neat trick. She sewed the two smaller buttons on the outside fabric and then made one button hole that she pulled the main button through -so - it might look like three buttons -but there was only 1 hole. I thought that was neato. Saved you from making 9 button holes and narrowed it down to 3 .

Then there was Sew and Tell with lots of neat projects and lots of funny stories.I did meet one lady who loved cats & that opened up a new line of conversation. She had the cutest little purse with Laurel Birch designs all over it.

I picked up 5 Sew News magazines at 20 cents each -that was my big catch for the night. I am good and tired as DH and I tore up half of the sewing room today looking for something and I am in the process of putting it back together.Tomorrow is critter day and then our youngest son and his family are planning to come for a visit tomorrow afternoon. So, I better bid you adue!
Love to each!


  1. Your Sewing Guild day sounds lovely.

  2. Isn't it great to see family. your flowers are lovely and the tractor ride must have been a delight.