Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sister-in-laws shirt that the embroidery machine messed up on! Darn it - IF ONLY!  I did try my very best to pull it off after the machine's visit to the machine doctor. I worked hard attempting to re-line the design and for the most part it was turning out perfect -UNTIL - it came to the outline -then it broke bad on me.

That was when I asked her if I should trash it -or- sew it together for her to use working around the house & she said she would wear it any way.

I was disappointed because I HATE to waste fabric and also because I had intended to "test" it out on Ebay like I am the kids outfits. I know some larger size gals who say it is hard to find clothes that fit -and- since my favorite sewing is large sizes -I was still searching for that way to support myself.  Searching being the key word !!! LOL

DH has been sick all day. He started out with a migraine headache which ended with him throwing up. These terrible migraines are something new & I am wondering if they have something to do with that chemo treatment he had on Monday? He is scheduled to have another one this coming Mon. I HATE to see him in pain and suffering.

It was very pleasant here today so I worked outdoors for half of the day. I had picked up 6 plants yesterday . They are called Peter Pan and they are a green squash.I told DH it was a good thing I asked because I would have thought green would have meant that they were not ripe and they would have rotted. So, sometimes it does pay to ask questions. I got them all bedded down in the garden.

I fixed DH some fresh fish soup and he said it was good. That is the first thing that he has said was good in a long time as his taste buds are being affected also. Then I fixed a rhubarb cake - I had never had one before and it was really tasty -except - it had WAY too much sugar. I had even cut it down half - and it was Still Too Much Sugar.

I hope you have had a lovely day also-if you managed to catch it as it flew by you! LOL


  1. Wow your embroidery machine really is being a pain in the butt!
    Sorry about hubby... at least he enjoyed the soup.
    Rhubarb cake... that sounds delish!

  2. Hi Linda,
    I thought the embroidery wasn't that bad~ You can tell it isn't on line perfectly, but then again, it looks like a pencil sketch drawing. To me, I'd say it is a good AND FUNNY embroidery I'd keep! I hope she wants it!!!

    Poor hubby~ I've never had fish soup or rhubarb cake before.

    Yes, my days are flying too. I have lost track on several accounts, and one was a missed doctors appointment, and so now am out of one of the meds. Doesn't Wednesday sound like Friday to you??? :{ ♥♥♥