Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BLOOMERS! Yep-that is what I worked on today. You might remember the last time I attempted bloomers-but they defeated me -But - I have been known to have a few stubborn bones in my body -so I tackled my own challenge again.

I think I have learned that the fabric I experimented with the last time -I thought it was that silky stuff that you see they am made of in the store-but It did not have Hardly any stretch to it -so that got me in trouble right off the bat.

So, I waited until I had some very thin -a lot stretchy -knit. I do not really know what type of fabric it is because I got it for a dollar a yard when the Walmart got rid of their fabrics.

I had some white elastic to experiment with this go round and I had white thread on the serger so I decided to use that to be able to see what is going on.
I think I have the measurements about right -that is one nice thing -IF you get the measurements of your body about right -they sure can fit well enough to feel good.

I did sit and study a store bought pair and I just Could Not Figure Out -how in the world they had sewed it??? So, I finally gave up with that idea and just decided to sew the elastic on the wrong side of the pieces with the serger and then fold that down  - and top-stitch on the opposite side.

I can see I would have a LOT of "Customizing" to do IF I wanted them to look like store-bought. But I have to admit that it feels good to make something that you use every day of your life-and it also made me wonder How in the world did our ancestors manage 150 years ago? They could not just up and run to the fabric store for fabric and needles and threads? For some reason I had never wondered this before?

I am finding it amazing to create something in your own home and it leads a trail back in history and makes me appreciate how they managed . We never think about what would be "small" things to us -but they seem like REALLY BIG things back in history?If any of you have any knowledge of how they would manage this - please let me know?

Hugs, Linda


  1. Good knickers Linda. You mentioned how they made them years ago and I remember my Mum making "war time" undies out of calico with an interesting shaped gusset to give more "give" in the seat and no centre back seam because that would chafe!

  2. Hmmmmm!!!!!! I think I will stick to buying knickers. Too fiddley for me....