Friday, June 1, 2012

Our youngest granddaughter , Cory Dainelle blowing out her candles on her birthday this past Tuesday.  Hard to believe time goes so fast -AND - just seems to go faster with each passing year.

I just have to share a Funny Story with you. I believe that all of you know that I have not driven for the last 5 years when a teenage boy hit us head on. But, when DH got so weak last week it FORCED me back into the drivers seat. Not something I want to do because I have spells of my eyesight going all blurry . It feels like you just got a big wet sponge thrown into your eye-so I am doing the best I know how to do.

Yesterday was a day I thought I was going to STAY HOME  & have Peace & Quiet.

First thing was our youngest son arrived because his wife was forced to work for free at a community service job to be allowed to keep the 200.00 that they receive . Our son's problem is that he has a terrible back problem and has had two back surgeries and they are already talking another back surgery. They say they have never seen a back so bad on one so young.

The problem was that it left Emmett taking care of the now"Running Toddler" -whom he adores. But it was killing his back and he came for a visit so the three of us might watch him. LOL  I told him that if they took the good parts of each of us -it would not even create one healthy person. LOL

About the time we had all settled down DH looked down at the picc line in his arm and it had started to bleed? He asked me to call his doctor and see what to do. I did & they told us to bring him on in for them to look at it.So the troop gathered itself together and we were off.

At the doctor's office they redressed it and said it was from the blood thinner they had put him on. So, DH was now clean and bandaged again . I told him that our inspection sticker was due to go out Tomorrow and should we try to get it inspected? I asked him IF it was ready for an inspection and he said yes.

We take off to the first inspection garage that we like the people who work there. Here I am , scared to death anyway and this is a terrible road to drive on. It is just SO crowded and the drivers are always short tempered for some reason and more people have been killed on it than any other road I know of in our area. . DH is telling me how he wants me to park once we get there and I am checking the traffic behind us and just as we arrive - THE ENTIRE PARKING LOT is crammed FULL!  I panic and check the oncoming traffic and make the decision to turn right then OFF of the road to the opposite side of the road than my turn signal had been pointing to.  ( I had already checked to make for sure that no rash driver was going to pass me in the gravels ) I think DH almost had a heart attack -but the traffic poured past me and I was so relieved and the traffic was too.

Our DS got out and hobbled across the highway to ask the mechanics about an inspection sticker and they said not today? So, we loaded up AGAIN and headed on into town and stopped at a garage that my cousin runs. He as shaking his head as DH pointed into our sticker. He came over and said that they had RUN OUT OF STICKERS!   I was now getting tired and very disappointed. We normally take care of this matter early in the month-but with all the doctors and the hospital we both had forgotten.

My cousin tells us of another garage that I did not know about and it was just BACK up the road. I turned around and back we go. It is in the back of a car lot - so that was why I had never known it existed. DS gets out and goes to ask them- they say they are SWAMPED! By then I feel like I am on drugs as I feel SO crazy! Trying to do the right thing and all these crazy things??????????????????????????????

So DH thinks of one more place where they sell tires . Back up the road and they ever so sweetly take us in and point us to their waiting room. It is nice and cool in there and we raid their machine for cookies as we are all starving by now.

After about 45 minutes a lady comes out and tells us that she is going to put a REJECT stitcker on it because it has a leak of some kind in the exhaust and some kind of spring thing is bad too. DH is very upset & gets in a foul mood -you know how fellows are,especially when tired and hungry . I pay them and they say we have to get it fixed within 16 days -but you cannot drive it unless you are taking it to be fixed?

I asked the boy how I paid and he said IF we got pulled over - it would be at the discretion of the police officer as to give or not give a ticket????

I was SO glad to be heading home -even though my head was trying to figure out how to get things fixed since DH is not able any more and there is definitely not enough money to pay a business to fix it???? As I was lost in my thoughts I happened to glance in the rear view mirror and there was FLASHING BLUE LIGHTS!  Scared the hebbie jeebies out of me. I thought it was a police trying to pass me to go to what ever disaster???? IMAGINE my shock when he pulled in behind me!

I looked at my family and asked what I had done wrong?????????????????????????????????????????????
By then the officer is at my window and I asked him ? IMAGINE my surprise when he goes to the front of the car & looks at my REJECT STICKER!!!!!!!!!!! LOL By now I have had enough DAY and I almost fall out laughing!

He comes back and asks for my license which I have to DIG OUT FROM UP UNDER MY SEAT because I could not have it beside me as the car is TOO FULL of people and babies and junk! LOL
I finally pull it out and give it to him and tell him how we JUST GOT that sticker. He was a very sweet officer as he smiled so I asked HIM about driving the vehicle for the 16 days because of DH's cancer treatments once a week and he told me the same thing as the boy at the tire shop.

He hands me my drivers license back and starts to walk off when I holleed at him to "Have a nice day with his pretty blue lights" and I actually get a smile from him. We get ready to depart and he has turned in the parking lot and I am scared to pull across his path . I can see him smile and he motions me to go on and I am still nervous and as I let the clutch out too fast and do a wheelie right in front of him. IT's a great thing that my "guardian angel" was riding on top of the car because I just wondered IF I WAS EVER GOING  TO GET HOME???????????????????????????????? LOL


  1. Oh Linda, I shouldn't be laughing but you do get into lots of trouble don't you. Please keep safe and I hope everything goes well with your car and doctors and driving and sewing machines and who knows what else. Take care....hugs Sue

  2. Whoa! What a DAY that was for you all! I sure would never want to relive that day! I sure hope you can get the license soon...and approved! Bless your heart! Those blue lights are scary! ♥♥♥