Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to all - regardless of age. It was an idea lovely day for me. I got to see both boys & their families.

This is PawPaw giving our very youngest grandson a ride on the tractor-his very first & it seems he was rather smitten with it. LOL

 His poor little Mom had ALL of her teeth removed this past Tuesday and she is still in so much misery. I hate to see any of the kids in pain. You know - I cannot figure out WHY in the world IF you have something done that requires pain meds-the pharmacy will NOT fill it for you IF you have a different pain med already. They did that for our youngest son when they cut his wisdom teeth out here lately  & they refused to file one for Meagan with this tooth surgery because she already had a prescription for something for her back.They tried to explain that the two different pain meds were for two different things -but they refused to give them to her and she is really suffering . I think it STINKS!I wish I could "wish" the pain that Meagan is in -ON- the people at the pharmacy! I think that would only be fair.(Shame on me-an old meanie) But you know yourself that One pain medicine does not cover ALL types of pain-If it did then they would not have invented any others.

My youngest granddaughter brought me this lovely dahlia & I made sure to plant it as soon as they went out the door, as it is calling for a lot of rain -I am hoping that will give it a good start.

  This lovely rose came from our next youngest granddaughter & her sweet hubbie and their 1 1/2 year old little boy. Her hubbie and our oldest son helped DH set the posts from where the flood took out our fence last week. I am glad that they did not attach the wire because they are calling for serious rain tonight into tomorrow. I would not have wanted for them to put all that work into a fence and then have it all tore up so quickly. This way the posts are set and we can do the wire later , as I have the animals fooled because I took the plastic that had washed down the creek and laid it on top of the wire and they think it is a full fence. LOL  Plus, the sheep and the donkey are getting old and they do not have as much wander lust as if they were young. LOL

So many happy stitches to each and all!
love- linda


  1. Family and flowers ...what a wonderful Mother's Day you had.

  2. LOL about your fake fence!
    Happy Mother's Day~! Sounds like you did have a nice one! Your poooooor dil didnot have a good one with that pain though. Poooor thing~ I cannot imagine that type of pain. Hope maybe Ibuproin or Tylenol helped some! ♥♥♥

  3. Isn't it lovely to see all your family... and get flowers too.
    I didn't get flowers this year, I got time out!
    I like time out!
    And a cute new cuddly blanket.

  4. I am sure you enjoyed the day with your family.. Flowers are lovely and riding on the tractor must have been great fun

  5. So nice to have your family came to visit and you recieved some lovely flowers too.

  6. Sounds like a perfect day. I am late but I still wish for you a Happy Mother's Day everyday. Please keep me in your prayers.