Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cowboy & flowers for my day. This is Cowboy -my DH's cat & he is a big talker-worse than any child following you -yack-yack-yack! You ask him and he will give you an answer and sometimes it is much better than a "human" answer. LOL

The weather here was beautiful ,very warm and sometimes sunny and sometimes cloudy. Just enough for you to appreciate both. After I got all of my chores finished I made it to the sewing room. But, I was in danger of having "Sewers Block"??? I had finished all of my projects and could not decide which direction I wanted to head in now???? Well, I did not have the right fabric for what I wanted to tackle so I started plowing through my now dwindling stash to see what I could come up with???

I ended up finding a mauve colored double knit and the same color single knit  and I spent the after noon cutting out a pair of slacks from the double knit -and moved on to cutting out a tee shirt from the single knit. They will be for my Sister-in-law for Christmas. I have also already picked out the embroidery design to put on the tee shirt-Yea!

I had some scraps leftover and it was just enough to cut out a size 4 tee shirt and a size 4 shorts to make another outfit. They are not selling -but they will make excellent Christmas gifts for the grands and the greats. Plus - they are excellent practice for me.

I know it did not seem like a lot -but by the time you spend hours searching for embroidery designs and also checking out the knit fabrics online -time really does run off and leave you.

DH went to the building supply store and picked up bags of premix concrete that he will use to set new posts where the creek took our fence out the other day. He tried to find somebody to help him -but everybody is busy.
While he was out he bought the older son and his family the fixings for a cook out .He called me to see if he needed to come get me -but I was having too much fun having a couple hours to myself.

Just as dusk was coming I did take my walk & gather the eggs  and lock the chickens all up. Darn it - I just realized that I lost the pictures I had taken of the little hens . Drats- I will have to try again.

I hope you have had as lovely a day as I have!
Love to all!


  1. sounds like a perfect day. Chores done, playing in the sewing room and a walk.
    nice to have ME time.....

  2. perfect I love being in my sewing room just playing around.
    sometimes I dont even start a project I'm just playing in here with fabric and stuff.. LOL But it makes me a happy camper.

  3. Hi Linda! Cute kitty! Lovely coloring!
    You got so much done today! I see you do not waste a single bit of fabric!~ I pray you can get some new fabrics soon, so you can keep creating~ Your dear sister in law must love her new tops you make her!

    I love pictures of chickens, and farm animals~ Don't forget to post them~ Hope you have another lovely day. ♥♥♥

  4. I'm so glad you had a good day. Nothing like getting everything done and having fun.