Saturday, March 4, 2017

End of the Week Rest

It was such a blasted cold morning that I put Indy's sweater and
Daisy's fleece jacket on them for our morning walk. I put on my warmest fleece jacket and gloves and we had a nice shorter walk.

I cannot take off in the pasture as Indy and Yukon do not really like each other at this point. Yukon sees Indy as a coyote who should be done away with so we are staying in the yard for now.

I got the stove cleaned out and the wood carried in and fixed a pot of lentil stew. It says you can put it over rice if you want to and I am thinking that might be good with some salmon? I really am torn about salmon - they suggest it heavily for macular degeneration but I prefer my vegetarian diet??? Life can get so complicated.

I am just really whipped today and tomorrow will be a day outdoors mostly so the slower day is needed.

Daisy is slowly recovering from her surgery -she still cannot jump up on a chair as she asks me for help getting up and down.

Coco came out with us this afternoon when it was time to
gather the eggs.

Indy was having a blast gathering eggs UNTIL he rolled in Turkey Poo just to make himself so special for me and then had to have a bath-which he did not enjoy???

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