Monday, March 13, 2017

Crazy Monday

It did not take long for Indy to learn how to get the treats from his toy. Matter of fact it is Too easy for him. I think I might need to tape up a couple of the holes?

They were calling for the chance of bad weather tonight and tomorrow so I headed to town to get the hinges I needed for the chicken door that fell off the hinges on me. The old hinges had just broke right half in to. I tried to put the new hinges on and did get them there but they are not right. I couldn't hold the door in the position it needed to be and hold the screws in the position they needed to be and operate the drill all at the same time. I got it temporarily on-but will need so find some blocks of something so I can prop the door and redo it????

I got home and dug all the chickens fresh greens. It always tickles me to see them tear into them. We humans need more of their style as greens are so good for us. I can't plant mine yet until I finish blocking those deer out of the garden as they have mowed my greens to the ground. I did get the plastic fencing and metal posts today and hope to work on that project AFTER this weather passes.

Today was my lovely daughter's birthday and she treated herself to getting her hair done. She got a little streak of pink put in her hair for fun. It is hard to believe that 44 years has flown by since I birthed her into this world. It is amazing how time flies by and the events that you will live through??????? I did not give her the life that I wanted to give her , but I gave her the best that I knew at the time. But, I still wish it could have been different .

It was 40 degrees here this afternoon and it was snowing????? Especially since I knew it could not stick at that temperature - it was very pretty. I do not know what we will end up with tonight as the weather people cannot make up their minds???? Rain ???? Snow????? I guess I will know when my eyeballs open in the morning? ~smile~


  1. Happy Birthday Crystal, hope you had a great day.
    Your hair looks lovely...

    1. Thank you Maria, it was a pleasant change from my normal long hair.

    2. I have adored you since the moment I felt you stir inside of me - like butterfly wings beating signaling a new life was being shared with me.

  2. Mama, you always pleasantly surprised me. I love you!