Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tuesday Comes and Goes

I had to make a trip to town bright and early this morning to get the macaroni that I forgot to get yesterday when I got the ingredients for the macaroni salad!GRRRR! Then I hurried home and made it-Yum- Yum - so good..Matter of fact I am drooling wanting some more. lol

Bandit came out to play with the rest of the crew as I dug weeds to feed the chickens....

Indy was ready to play as I hung up two loads of laundry for Crystal before the rain came. I carried the wood and got to do some cleaning in the house too. That as nice.

The wind was absolutely terrible today.  Crystal even came home sick this afternoon. I got tired tonight and only got one slipper finished . I started the second one but messed it up so I put it up until I feel better. Time just gets away from me.

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