Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Middle of the week already?

I got to go with Crystal to take our lovely pups for an afternoon walk in this drop dead beautiful weather. Daisy just Loves to fuss with Dan , while Indy has calmed down and got use to walking with him .

For some reason after I do my morning chores and a few outdoor things I got so very tired and sick at my stomach. I thought maybe it was because I needed to eat something but instead of a lunch I fixed a poached egg and let that settle my tummy.

I like watching Crystal try to contain her exuberant hound. lol I am so glad I had all my large size dogs when I was young . Now chihuahuas fit me just fine. lol

After we got back I found a tick on me again. This make one each day for the last 3 days. Makes me wonder if that means it will be a bad year for them?? I hope not because I do not want Lyme Disease AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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