Monday, March 6, 2017

A Walk and A New Pair of Cloud Footies

I had a busy morning as I had a counseling session and then I headed to the little grocery store because I was dying to fix a bowl of macaroni salad for Crystal and I to have for our dinner??
I grabbed the first of the ingredients and then a chicken for the pups and then Crystal had asked me to pick her up some Coke and I found that on sale . I was so anxious to get home and fix that macaroni. When I arrived home I carried the groceries in and grabbed two Cokes and took off up the hill to where I could see Crystal working in her yard. I gave her the Coke and told her I was going back to the house to make us some macaroni salad . I put everything away and when I gathered all the ingredients - I had FORGOT the Macaroni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Boy, Was I Disappointed!! So we had left overs!

Then we went for a lovely walk. It was a little late so I fed Yukon so he would not follow us for a while.

For some reason Indy thinks he is suppose to jump on Crystal's Dan?????? So, I keep both of mine leashed close to me as I work on discouraging him not to do that. Dan thinks that little menace would make a fine squeaky toy of he could just be allowed to get ahold of him. LOL. We took them for a Nice Long Walk up in the woods and checked to see how Yukon managed to go visit the neighbor yesterday - the reason was that the Gate was Gone between our properties?????????????????????

Towards the end of the trek Dan had a big time rolling in the grass. We were all pretty pooped until we saw Yukon had finished his meal and found us in the pasture so as he came towards us we split up and both groups ran for the hill and he was plum mystified as to what we thought we were doing and he decided heck on us and turned and went towards the creek. LOL

We parted ways and I came down and gathered up some laundry and then carried the wood to the porch door as it is calling for rain -then gathered the eggs and Finally could come in the house. My cohorts kept an eye on me while I worked on the booties.

I am having better luck with these this year after the gal made a video and I got to catch my ONE little mistake that was throwing the entire project off.It really is a delight to finally be able to do a project and not ruin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I like them plain- I feel like they need something on the front - maybe a pom-pom?????????

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