Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sewing Guild Night

It has been a truly beautiful day here and Indy said he enjoyed it as he was not looking forward to the next week wearing sweaters again.

Cocoa and Daisy enjoyed the beautiful weather as I gathered the eggs and fed Yukon this afternoon.

Daisy and Indy tried to sneak in a nap in the flower bed as I was attempting to snap pictures of this beautiful day.

Tonight at the Sewing Guild meeting we are having a guest speaker talk about Knitting so I get to take my two knitting projects for show and tell. Of course I Muffed my last two rows on my scarf last night as I scurried to complete it in time to take it. I dropped all the stitches and it fell off of my hook - so with my poor eyesight I was not able to place them back on the way they should have gone - only enough to save me from tearing it all off and starting all over again! No way! lol 

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