Friday, March 3, 2017

Doctor Day and Daisy coat

 We started off with  a very cold morning and even some
snowshowers. They were very pretty but not much fun after
60 and 70 degree days!

I fixed Crystal and I some biscuits and potatoes and eggs for breakfast and then got ready to go to the doctor.  I dropped off  two dozen eggs at a neighbors house to surprise her as people have been buying the eggs I put down at the road with the honor system.  I did not put any out today as it was freezing and when I went out I was glad I did not because these high winds had blowed my table over. lol

The doctor did a special osteopathic massage on my neck and we talked about the x-ray and the arthritis it showed in my neck. When she showed me posture moves I told her that it made it hurt down in my back and that I did not know if the pain in my back was from the fibro or something else -so that lead to that I will have to have an evaluation with her with my back before we know what I am facing. She wants me to have an MRI but wants to get this other evaluation in to decide if they can do both things as i will have to be sedated. I am super claustrophobic!! This getting older is getting to be very tricky as I am not use to being sick-in any form.

I left there and went and picked up my thyroid meds at Walmart and some eye meds  and headed down to Rural King where I had got my feed yesterday. It was getting late and I got lucky and got a parking spot as someone was leaving. I hurried in and explained to the young lady how I did not get all of my feed yesterday and was checking to see if I could get it and 3 more bags for the donkey and we got that taken care of. I told the young lady that I loved their store and all the employees were so very sweet.

I came on home and saw Crystal had put out some laundry and it was on the ground because of the wind. I picked it up and hung it back up for her.

With it being so cold I decided I wanted Daisy to have a jacket. I had tried a crochet one and did not like it so I had a piece of fleece left over from my jacket 5 years ago. I cut out some pieces and put them together and she now has a little fleece jacket to get us through the next month and then we should be in good shape.

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