Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Size large booties

I went out this morning and fed Yukon, walked the pups and carried the eggs down to the road. Then while it was still chilly I worked on completing my size large booties while I was calm and pulled it off. So now I have two size mediums and one size large for Christmas. Yea!

 I put wood in the stove and asked Indy if he was ready to go outdoors and do chores and he is Always ready. Maybe too much ready sometimes as I had to put him in a little corral to keep him from fussing with the donkey .

I carried the last of my bamboo poles down to the garden to work on the fence for the deer and they have made such a mess of it since they jumped Through the flimsy bird netting . I put two poles up higher and wired them in place and lifted a wire fence up to meet that in one area. Now I have about a 50 foot section they tore down that I will have to put up some kind of tall poles and something to outsmart them. I did see some snow-fencing at Rural King that looked cheap I might be able to use??
Then Crystal came home and said she saw all 6 of them in the garden so my work is still cut out for me. I just got really tired by the time I came back to the house and carried the wood up to the porch and came in and took a shower and got something to eat. But , my energy is really lagging.

 This is Indy begging for his chicken for dinner. Wish I could have got him slidding his belly on the floor -that was really cute but this camera phone takes forever to get ready to take a picture.

By the time I have got it cut off the bone he is more than ready for it. It did not take him long to learn that he REALLY LOOKS forward to a chicken for dinner.

I am worried about Daisy - she has coughed off and on today and has slept a lot and not been playful???? I got her to eat, but she was not thrilled about it? I am  hoping it stays down and that she really is not sick???


  1. You have done an awesome job on the slippers!!!! Love the colour you made them in, Sweet!!! I'm glad you've got that fire going, oh, and I love those ears!!!!! lol They're a mile long. lol I hope dear Daisy is alright, the cough doesn't sound good though. I hope your days warm up for you soon, stay happy. xx

  2. The slippers are just lovely. I hope Daisy is OK.