Sunday, March 26, 2017

Celebrating a wonderful night out with my daughter

I have just been so swamped and then Crystal had dental surgery and was all swollen up on her face and then she just up and took me on  a Dream Date last night  to see the Celtic Women at a nearby town event. I had always wanted to see them but never thought I would ever get to in my life time.  We had such a wonderful time and everybody that worked to pull the event off was so extremely nice.

They had a intermission and I followed Crystal out to smoke and got a little scared when men pushing in the crowd tried to separate us so I hung  onto her sweater because I was afraid if I lost her I would not be able to See her. She reached back and took my hand and got me through though. She bought me a tea and a soft pretzel and she showed me how to put mustard on it and it was really good-of course we were starving as we had worked hard all day long.

It seemed like the time just flew by and I wished it did not have to end so quickly! This was my first and only concert I have ever been to so I am still buzzing with excitement.

Then after the event I asked Crystal to go see the water feature and a kind gentleman from the eent offered to snap this picture of us. How sweet was that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sew nice of Crystal to have taken you to the concert. Pleased you had a beaut time.. lovely photo of you both.