Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pink and Orange Size Medium Weds.

Where in the world is this week going to ??? The last one we have in this year-never to have it again in our life-times and it is already HALF Over! Like wild children , running free - it is leaving us. Plus, we have been having really NICE , warm , rainy weather and it is calling for that to change Friday night -down to freezing. YUCK - I HATE freezing.  I wanna go to Australia or New Zealand .

I worked on this pair of Cloud Booties today. They are a size Medium and I REALLY worked hard reminding myself to NOT CROCHET SO TIGHT - soooo - they might really be a medium??? Isn't that the way it is - every project you tackle is a learning process. But, they say that is really good for our brains - it keeps challenging them -so mine get plenty of challenging because I always make lots of mistakes and have to go back and refigure.

Well, they are holding their little heads up today, but I am only getting just enough food in them to get their medicines down them and that takes Lots of Coaxing.

It was nice and muddy as I was tromping around outdoors doing chores. Of course I got lucky and the minute I poked my head out the door and headed up the hill - it started rainy. Of Course It Did. lol Timing is everthing. Then when I was feeding Yukon the donkey I lost my shoe in the mud - yea- this county life????

Four little chickens were taking their time going to bed so I could lock them up -so I took the opportunity to take my walk up the hill . I had not got to do that for quiet a while. Deer season got in my way and my DH used to never let me go during hunting season for fear I would get shot. The ground was very soggy as I walked but the exercise was good. It just makes me so sad that I have tried to keep my body healthy but my eyes are fading? You would think what is good for one is good for the other. I stopped at the top of the hill and had a little "boo-hoo" and that seemed to help. By the time I got back down the hill -the chicks were headed to bed. Yea. I wanted to be in the house before total darkness.

I had ordered a new toilet seat recently and was quiet happy with it - to look at it. BUT- when you used it was a different story? I had a friend tell me one time If you do not tell them - they will not know-so I decided to write and tell them?  I explained that once you sat on it -it would start to sink in the center and "funnel " you into the toilet.  I explained I was not a large size person either. I received a note back this morning saying maybe the seat was defective and would I like a replacement. I replied , Yes - if they did not mind -then in parenthesis - I asked was I detecting a smile from someone imagining a granny funneling into the toilet? lol

To which he replied , "

You must be a psychic - of course I smiled! A replacement is shipping out tomorrow" -
to which I just died laughing!  Isn't life grand??? lol

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  1. I'm always glad to hear of your country life! Sorry about the cry but sometimes it really helps take the pressure off the heart.

    I wonder how a toilet seat can be so defective??? Is it a hard plastic? or a cushioned seat?

    Hope you hve a good New Years Day!!!