Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My dumb computer went on the fritz last night and would not let me post - This was the second type of hat that I made for my girlfriend to go with the burgundy one-only a totally different pattern. This is a free online pattern that says, " Creative Kindness wear, to share
Designed by Gail Brown.

It was such a funny , easy , quick to do pattern that it was completed before I knew it was really finished. The sizes are a little different-that smaller one I thought would fit me as I have a 21 inch head but it is VERY tight! I will use it for those days to do outside chores when the wind is whipping and you do not want your hat to blow away or the wind getting to your ears. The larger one is a size large and would fit me-so It will probably be quiet snug on her, but she has granddaughters that she can pop it on one of their heads. I ran out of that pretty soft green embroidered fleece so I could not do another one. But all you do is cut the circle for the top and then the rectangle to what eversize you pick and that is it. I choose to roll the sleeve up and hand stitch it in place. I looked up the blind hem stitch and did it by hand and was amazed at how easy it was and how nice it was completed.(the stitch) Just think - it just took me 65 years to learn that? LOL

Yesterday was my birthday and I took 3 of my pups to the vet and they have a respiratory infection, so they got shots and pills. One is more sick than the other two and I HATE to see my babies sick. I have never had a dog sick with a respitaory infection before-cats yes-dogs no.

But then my pups have suffered along with me all year long just feeling plain bad. Now I have just found out I have lead poisoning so am taking a lot of samples of things for tests to try to find out where the lead is coming from and hoping when the clues come in it will be something we can deal with and all of us get to feeling better. It was truly a horrible summer- my chickens felt bad and I lost a few along the way - lost two senior furbabies which I just thought was age, my garden just was sick all year and I poured a huge amount of time and all of my energy trying to just raise some organic food, but with poor success? Then feeling so dog gone bad I could barely function on top of it was a real bummer. I worked from daylight to dark and then would fall in bed totally exhausted and go back and do it again the next day. The one good advantage was I did lose weight - I was kinda shocked at how "portly" I really was up to that point. lol  So, now I know the clue to weight loss- spend 8 hours a day in your garden and forget to eat the rest of the day. I did do breakfast but then by night time when I staggered in and fell into the shower I was generally too tired to eat. I had a hard enough time to remember to drink fluids and that got me in trouble with my acupuncturist who is treating me for my macular degeneration . When she discovered I was not eating right, drinking right , getting the required amount of sleep - she went OFF on me. She even made me cry when she threatened to quit treating me . That scared me to death because tradition eye medicine says there is nothing you can do for macular degeneration and I had already got to the point where I was unable to drive-then with a couple of her treatments my sight problem with the sunlight blinding me was restored and I can now drive and have my independence back- - - - so the thought of losing that Scared the Bajesus out of me. By then Summer was over and I was able to shape up to her requirements , only to be faced with things going down hill health-wise. 

Finally this lead poison has showed itself and we are hoping this will lead us to a better path.My eyes are one of my most precious gifts and I do not want to lose them and all of the things that I love to do.

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  1. Those are cute and funny hats! The fabric sounds really nice and soft!
    Now 3 of your dogs are sick!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wow...I PRAY someone finds out what is going one there. Has there been any fracking in the area??? I'll pray for your animals!

    SO happy to see you back to blogging!!! Love and hugs~