Saturday, December 26, 2015

Things are looking a little rough around here today

This is Cocoa and she feels so "rough " from this darn doggie flu. This breaks my heart and makes me feel so incompetent at caring for my babies - so helpless.

Canine Influenza in Dogs

The virus that causes dog flu, Influenza Type A (H3N8), was first identified in Florida in 2004. It primarily infects the respiratory system and is extremely contagious. A vaccine was granted full license by the United States Department of Agriculture in 2009 (Nobivac® Canine Flu H3N8). Some dogs can be exposed to the virus and fight off infection without showing clinical signs.

Symptoms and Types

Dogs that are infected with the canine influenza virus may develop two different syndromes: 

  1. Mild – These dogs will have a cough that is typically moist and can have nasal discharge. Occasionally, it will be more of a dry cough. In most cases, the symptoms will last 10 to 30 days and usually will go away on its own. 
  2. Severe – Generally, these dogs have a high fever (above 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and develop signs very quickly. Pneumonia, specifically hemorrhagic pneumonia, can develop. The influenza virus affects the capillaries in the lungs, so the dog may cough up blood and have trouble breathing if there is bleeding into the alveoli (air sacs). Patients may also be infected with bacterial pneumonia, which can further complicate the situation.

General signs of these syndromes include:

  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • anorexia
  • fever
  • malaise

Red and/or runny eyes and runny nose may be seen in some dogs. In most cases, there is a history of contact with other dogs that carried the virus. 


Besides a physical, the veterinarian will want to perform a complete blood count and clinical chemistry on the dog. Usually, increases are seen in the white blood cells, specifically the neutrophils, a white blood cell that is destructive to microorganisms. X-rays (radiographs) can be taken of the dog's lungs to characterize the type of pneumonia.  

Another diagnostic tool called a bronchoscope can be used to see the trachea and larger bronchi. Cell samples can also be collected by conducting a bronchial wash or a bronchoalveolar lavage. These samples will typically have large amounts of neutrophils and may contain bacteria. 

Detecting the virus itself is very difficult and is usually not recommended. There is a blood (serological) test that can support a canine influenza diagnosis. In most cases, a blood sample is taken after initial symptoms develop and then again two to three weeks later.
Not just Cocoa - this is her Mom - Blondie and she feels "rough" too.

You KNOW this one feels "rough" because it is Mocha and she is my Parlor Princess and Never leaves my bed and yet when I could not find her - she is hiding in the closet? I think she has the highest fever today because her little head is really hot to the touch.

Bandit is just plain hiding and does not want to show his face . Heading back to his bed since he cannot get in "His Closet" since Mocha is in there.  I did get their meds down them this morning and only a few bites of their breakfast doggie meatloaf. This is going on Two long "rough" weeks.  The only reason I am sharing it and some of the information is for you other dog owners -so you can see how serious it is. Blondie is the oldest and has the worst heart so I am worrying about the possibility of pneumonia ? I had Never heard of it Before now and after we get through this I hope I NEVER hear of it again!

To console myself I have started on my First brand new project for the 2016 Season of Christmas gifts. This baby yarn is SOOOO SOFT this slipper so far really does feel , "like a cloud". With my fibromyalgia I HAVE to have soft things as Normally every yarn and every thread that touches my skin feels like it is burning a brand into my skin. But just working with this yarn is nice and comforting so I am hoping the finished product will be something special to me and to the gift recipient.

We are still having our BEAUTIFUL weather - 60 degrees- to you Aussies - that is WARM!  Some are complaining about the rain - but they do not consider IF it were snow - it would be up to our car doors - so I am so grateful for RAIN. I know it has to be good for our under water tables for our wells. So, I am so grateful for a beautiful Warm day -the love of my pets - and the ability to See to accomplish another creative pondering.

Love and hugs to all!


  1. Hi Linda! I am praying for your sweet, sick babies!!! Thank you for the medical info on their illness~ arghhh~ Praying the Good LORD heals them!

    LOVE the slippers. Can I have your crochet pattern for them!?!
    Love and smiles~ Cathy

    1. I found the pattern Linda!