Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lavender Tuesday

Well, I did not get to go to my acupuncturist today. He shot me a message early saying she had the stomach flu and did not want to give it to me - so I REALLY appreciated that. I wanted to stay home but I forced myself to get ready and go to town to spend my Walmart Gift Card my daughter had given me. I was out of everything so I wanted to get it accomplished before the cold weather sets in this weekend, plus calling for rain tomorrow?? I had a list and I would fill my buggy and then figure the prices and say well, I could put this back and get that? Do I need that more than I want this???? It is truly amazing how fast money goes? But it was a deeply appreciated gift and one that I can get a lot of use out of.

Boy this picture sure turned out weird - it is suppose to be the size large lavender cloud bootie and the funny part is there is an extra top on this one. lol
My printer had downloaded only what it wanted and left that part off.

I can't decide which way I like them the best? Plus, I cannot decide if I consider this large a real Large?????


I did get Rosie a new dollar toy and she seems to be enjoying that. lol

OK, this is better. Now it looks more lavender and you can see that extra row of stitches???  I am pondering how to "spiff" them up??? Maybe a pompom or maybe a jingle bell?? Maybe a button??


  1. Hi Groovy girl,
    That was lovely that no one wanted to give you their stomach
    flu!!!! Love all your pics and your furry friend. lol
    Cheers, Anita.