Thursday, December 17, 2015

This is the project that my embroidery machine got so upset with me for tackling. We had a real go-round and I almost hung up my spool. After not touching it for 3 years now - I guess it had a reason to pout a little.

 One of my granddaughters had emailed me a picture of this project back in Jan. so I had kept it tucked away in the back of my head all year long. Then a second granddaughter had sent me a picture of a similar project where you took the loved ones shirts and turned them into a baby blanket but my DH did not have many cotton shirts since he mainly wore tee shirts. I had those 3 I had made him and my youngest son had bought him 2 for Christmas in 2011.

I was so nervous as I pulled the garments from the tote I had so lovingly packed them in.  I held them close to my face and held them close. Then I took them and washed them good and ironed them, which of course brought more tears. I had to take a break that day-but I kept trying to figure out how to pull off the project and not waste my precious unreplaceable supplies.

The next day was a new start and I set about cutting the panels out and sewing them together. When it came to the actual pillow part - it was cheaper for me to use cheap pillows from Wal-mart than the "craft pillows" from Jo-Ann's or Wal-mart. I just squashed the pillows up tighter -more square like and sewed a inner cover for them to help them hold their shape better and it makes the shirt panel work better.

It took a while - both physically and emotionally , but I think I have a gift that all 3 granddaughters will treasure as they do the memories of their Pawpaw.

While I was on a roll I have a friend who lost her DH a year before I did mine and her daughter has really Grieved -still to this day you can see the sadness has engulfed her affecting her everyday life. I just happened to have one of his shirts also .
So, this will be her Christmas gift and I know she will know that her Dad still loves her and watches her growth here on earth.

I do so love all of my family and friends. My wish is that they could all be happy and healthy and know love as I pray that you - do too.
Hugs to All.

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  1. Those pillows are the most precious gifts I can imagine anyone will get this Christmas! Even a homemade gift isn't as precious as receiving grandpa's shirt made into such beautiful pillows! The tags are wonderful!!! Great job!!!