Friday, December 25, 2015

Like a bandit

This is the gift I had saved for today. It is from my online buddy from Tenn. It had arrived for my birthday but I wanted to save it for today. I opened the box and gasped at those lovely colors. Now I have some beautiful fleece to play with .

The rotary cutting machine was wrapped for my birthday and entices me. I have never even heard of one so I have something new to learn. What a beautiful gift and so deeply appreciated.

My daughter is just like Chris from Diet Coke Rocks -they live and breath Coke, no matter how bad I tell them it is for them, so when I found this Coke shirt I knew it would be a surprise for my daughter. Sorry Chris, couldn't find two of them. lol

Then my handsome grandson. He is a Dr. Who fan . Boy, they sure do grow up fast. He was one of those babies with the most beautiful blue eyes- at least they are still Blue. lol

Then late this afternoon my oldest son and beautiful wife and two

babies they are raising as their own arrived and the babies went at it. The older kids did not show up and I was a little disappointed not to see them. I wish my house was bigger - I know it is hard to cram everybody in such a tiny space that only raised 3 and their family has blossomed to 13 I think, last count.
We wait all year long for this special event and then it is over in a matter of minutes. Amazing-hopefully the memories last longer.


I spent about an hour making treats for my furbabies . This is the oldest , Blondie who I am trying to "tempt" but she was not too impressed at the moment. I think she was still stuffed from her breakfast meatloaf I made for them. The homemade food seems to stick with them longer and their poop is smaller so I am guessing there is not as much "waste" with no extra preservatives or junk added in there???  Of course she is still recovering from the doggie flu that that have all shared. I have never heard of it before and I hope I never experience it again . They have been just like sick kids laying around , running fevers and not eating. It sucks.

Well, Merry Christmas one more time- I hope everyone's was a happy one. Now, time to start new projects for next year.  ~smiling~


  1. My shirt would have to have 'Diet Coke'on it! I don't drink regular coke, it's too sweet for me.
    I love Crystal's face!
    I'm glad you had a nice Christmas, hopefully you get to see everyone eventually. Love ya Chick!

  2. Merry Christmas Linda! Sounds like you had a very nice one! God's blessings!!! Hugs~