Monday, December 28, 2015

A Busy Monday

Seems like the days always start off with roller skates on and Off you go. I hurriedly did all morning chores and then took off to my older son's house for him to install the brand new car radio he bought me for Christmas since the original one in my car had quit playing the CD's . I had been in the process of listening to some good alternative medical practices when it decided to just up and die on me. I even bought a cleaning CD, but that did nothing but get me a couple of sentences and it was gone again. Since I made that hour drive once a week for my acupuncture treatments I really was lost without it as I wanted to hear what was on those CDs.

Now I have a Brand New -Spanking Clean- shiny - pretty Radio, CD player and Clock too!  Just as we checked the clock we discovered that my WATCH was not working right - GREAT! NOT MY WATCH! I am HOPING it only needs a battery, since I have had it a year now?

Cory is quick and efficient when he does something so we were in and out of his garage in two blinks of an eye - maybe three. As the garage door went down - I said, "Oopps - we forgot to check the antifreeze because we both had smelled something when he pulled it into the garage. I have been Faithful at keeping oil in it as my car is my independence but not thinking about the antifreeze. He said he had checked it a few weeks back when he had put the new brakes on for me . Well , low and behold my radiator is leaking . Great? But, she is like me and has a few miles on her so he filled her up and loaded me up with two containers to take with me and said he would look online to see how much radiators cost now a days.

It was a dark, rainy day so driving with my not so great eye sight is not fun. It's not I cannot see - it is just things seem to be getting smaller and darker. Still holding on to hope though. I even got an alternative eye doctor upset with me. I had ordered his kit with holistic eye medications and a 6 hour urine test for heavy metals as metals affect the macular in your eye. The test had come back Very High -but with no instructions from him as to what to do with the information. I showed it to my acupuncturist and she called the poison control center and they throwed off on the lab and said they had had trouble with them before???? Next came the blood test and the water tests-both of which have come back low. So I thought he should know IF he was an honest person what the people in my area were saying . I told him IF that lab was just giving out false results then I felt like they had stolen my two hundred dollars that I could have used for Christmas on my family.

Well, I must have hit a sore spot because he responded -that he was disturbed with me for saying that -that the lab has a perfect reputation in the Alternative field and that I did have LEAD TOXICITY and needed chelation therapy. He said that lead would go into the bones and that way would NOT EVEN SHOW in a blood test and you could actually be dying from lead poisoning?  So, I am taking the note to show my acupuncturist tomorrow and see if this might affect our Lead treatment?? Some where there has to be answers and I know my sight is getting worse and the traditional eye doctors do NOTHING to help you. I have always believed the body can heal itself so I am just missing something somewhere and I do think this doctor holds some of the answers. He is just too far away from me to get to him and too expensive to afford. That was one reason I was surprised he did write to me . He has SAVED many people's eyesight and I wish I could be one of them.

I did get another pair of the cloud booties made - this is a size medium and I think they are neat. They are so darn soft they do feel like you have a cloud on your feet.  I will have to try a size large next as the sizes run kinda small.  They fit me but I am a 7 1/2 but my granddaughters are larger - and friends. But the yarn is a BLAST to work with as it runs through your fingers - so soft and soothing.

 I said, "What the Heck?"  As I had just finished up the booties and were getting ready to thread the tails in - this happened. I had the needle in my fingers and was just AIMING the yarn AT the needle -not even touching it yet - the darn needle popped right into!  Talk about eyes getting crossed???? ONLY ME!

Well, it's getting dark - I got to go run and let the donkey out from where I lock him up as he has his supper so the sheep do not take it away from him. I hope you guys have had a wonderful day and I send my love to you.


  1. Love the cloud booties, they look so soft and warm...

  2. Those are gorgeous booties! I hope your car repair doesn't cost too much. Good having a son who can do the fixin for you.

  3. So glad you got a new radio player! That was nice~
    I pray for your eyes to be healed, however the LORD desires to do that!
    LOVE the slippers!