Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pincushion Day

I call Tuesdays that because that is the day that I go to the acupuncturist to have my treatment to help my eyes. No this is not a shot in the eye like the eye doctors give - this is a acupuncture treatment for the needles to line up with the right meridians to let the chi flow. At least that is my "layman's terms" for it. The eyes need good blood flow to get the nutrition that they need and the liver controls the blood so you want to keep it nice and happy.

One Nice treat from going this path was the fact that I had TMJ-it was Horrible when it hit last Summer-the pain was unbearable. I went to the clinic and they referred me to a "Expert" in the field. He reworked my denture and said that was what started it-but it was something I would just have to live with. He said there was a 20 thousand dollar surgery -but it did not guarantee anything would be any different. A week later I was in so much pain again. That was when I happened to read a post that one of my acupuncturist's clients had posted thanking Marcie for treating her TMJ- so I ran and begged for a treatment. It took about 3 but now I am out of pain. The only time I get in trouble is if I crunch down on something really HARD and for a long time-other than that I am good to go! Thank God for my little Acupuncturist-she is a God-send.

 After I left my acupuncturist I headed back to town away from the mountains where she is located. I wanted to make my pups a doggie treat and it called for two bottles of beef baby food , so I stopped at a little grocery store in Christiansburg as you go into town. Would you believe there was No baby food in the store.

I had made this pillow and a hot pad for a friend who lives in this town so I called him to see if he was near his home and he said he would be in about 20 minutes and we agreed to meet there. I decided to stop at a Kroger store which was just around the block from his house and I could not find the baby food. This store was SO CRAMMED full of people and the line was running to the back of the store that I gave up that search also .

 My friend has a beagle who loves the couch so I thought a nice lap quilt just big enough for Tommy to sleep on might be nice and easy to wash. I also made him two warm pair of mittens from the sweater video floating around on the internet.

When I arrived me offered me a bowl of chili beans and I gladly accepted as my green breakfast smoothie had ran out quiet a while back. I washed our two bowls and gave him a hug and headed to the country before dark could fall on me , as I cannot see to drive in the dark.

As I pulled in to the driveway there was a pretty white truck was there and it was one of my sweet neighbors. She had been making cookies and brought me a Christmas sample and some fruit. Yea, dessert after a free meal - I was sitting in  high cotton, wasn't I. LOL

We only live not half a mile apart and it took Christmas to bring us together. We might end up being walking buddies -that sounds good to me. I am counting my blessings.

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  1. I have really missed your writing Linda! So glad you are back and sharing your life with us////me!!! Don and I just got home about 11pm from grocery shopping so I would avoid those long grocery lines in the morning/afternoon~ I love your gifts and the gifts you received! Early Merry Christmas!