Monday, December 21, 2015

What A Mess

I did not plan on getting into this mess until AFTER CHRISTMAS - But - you know how it is??? My pups have been having so many health issues and not wanting to eat their foods. I had switched from every kind of dry dog food on the planet to canned dog food and was still losing the battle. The only way I could get their medications down them was to wrap it in raw ground meat.

So, last night I was searching for a crochet project on YouTube and happened upon several videos about Dog Food. Some of it was sickening - can you imagine feeding our beloved pets ground up OTHER dog and cats??????????????? Puke -puke!  Not all of it was that bad -but then not good either.

So, I decided I would take my Christmas money my girlfriend gave me yesterday (talk about timing) and go to the grocery store and get the ingredients to see what I could come up with. Before I could go though I had to wait to capture a stool sample from Mama dog (Blondie) . Her tummy has looked distended the last couple of days and I wanted to make for sure that those worms had no showed back up. While being "secret stool stalker" I did discover WHY I could not get any samples from the other 3???? We have an old trailer that is right up against the back of the house that DH had always planned to add onto the house -but never got around to it. It is Very Handy for the pups when they have to go potty when the weather is inclement as they just pop the doggie door open and fly up under the trailer- YEA Right - Up under the trailer. I will never get a sample now?

But, Mama was good to go so I grabbed my hard earned sample and took off to town. The vet was closed for lunch so I stopped at the Good will -then dropped in at Jo-Ann's , our local fabric store because I had this 50% off coupon and I had wanted this particular yarn for the start of next years gifts. I got my yarn and also a yard of flannel on sale and went to pay for my treasures. Then the young man told me I could not use my 50% off because the yarn was already on sale - :( -and definitely not 50% off.  He had already rang me up and for some reason did not see my one dollar pair of gloves so he had to ring them up and when he did that 50% came off THEN????? I wanted to save it until tomorrow -but o well, too late now. So, they gave me a WHOLE .50 - cents.

Then off to the vets and tried to turn in the stool sample but nobody would listen to me so I had to just wait my turn on the list and when I was called I had to tell the doc I was not trying to see him - I was only trying to get a stool sample run-so he ran it himself and said there were no worms -why was I worried because he had just seen Blondie last week. I told him about her distended tummy and he thinks it might be fluid so I can increase her fluid pill for the next week and then take her back.

Meanwhile I have been looking for my run-a-way cat since Sat. night and he still has not shown up? I know he needs to see the doctor after that cat fight and the clinic will be closed Thurs, Fri, and Sun. I live out in the country and Cowboy normally just uses the doggie door to go potty and to follow me around to do chores so for him to disappear is totally out of character. IF ONLY that other cat had not showed up??? I don't like for my cats to be outdoors - I prefer for them to stay inside all the time - like Rosie does.

Well, now I have rested my back for a bit I need to crawl back up under that sink and put in a new liner and grab the baking pans I have not used since DH passed away and cook dogfood.  (Plus, then there is the argument about NOT cooking it??? )  We'll see how this goes? Have you guys tried this?

Here is one of the stories -you should check it out for yourselves if you have dogs.

Now it is up and on to chickens treats to help them get through cold weather.

Here is the link for that and the lady is really sweet.

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  1. Sure hope Cowboy returns!!!
    Cleaning is always a good feeling when it is done!
    Hope Mama's stomach gets better!!! Love and hugs~