Friday, December 18, 2015

Rosie On Guard in Sewing Room

today as I took the morning and ran around sneaking presents out at friends doors. I did not get caught any but one gal had company so I will try to hit her again maybe Monday.

It was Cold - it has been so nice and warm that I have got spoiled and thanked God everyday for that beautiful weather. The wind about blowed me away but I got 3/4 of the gifts delivered that I have made-so that is always nice. After you work hard to make them - I Always want to make for sure that they Receive them.

I also stopped on my way home at the local animal shelter to meet a couple of animals I had seen online last night. The two dogs were WAY too big for me to manage. Now that I am older I appreciate smaller canines to bath and handle going to the vet, ect.  I did visit with one Kitty?????? Hum????? Rosie seems lonely to me -she runs and plays but looks out the doors like she is looking for someone. I Really like this kitty at the shelter -she is a Manx and I used to raise them. They are always so very sweet and she is even cross-eyed. I thought I would think about her till Monday and then maybe call to see if she has found a Christmas home. That should give her some time to find a younger family than me, as I am trying to time my age to my pets ages?? As long as she finds a loving home I will be happy - I wish they could all have that. My Midnight who passed this Summer was 17 and had a happy country life. Her headstone is a little apple tree- I thought she might like that.

I came home famished and heated up some beans and cornbread with some sweet summer relish and chowed down on that.

Next I tackled a crochet project. I have usually made those crochet towels that you add the loop on top of the towel that you cut in half. But I have been miffed at the quality of those towels. They might be pretty but not so efficient for the job of soaking up messes. Instead they seem to just want to push the stuff around so they are basically only good for drying your hands in between sink jobs.

Well, from the recommendation of another lady (Phyllis from Southern Frugal) I had tested out what she called flour sack kitchen towels. Not very pretty - as they look like the old time baby diapers -but boy do they soak up a mess like a whiz. I did not want to embroider on them yet wanted to be able to have them within reach for a quick spill. So I ran across this little idea on Facebook.  I tested it out and it had several flaws that I changed out a little . I eventually used two threads to make it heavier and not flimsy - now just thread the towel through it and hang it and works like a charm.

This was my second test - also from Facebook. I have always thought those little icicles were cute on peoples trees and now I have one. She also duded hers up by adding a little jingle bell at the bottom - so I have not had time to look for my jingle bells. It looks cute on my little artificial tree with the colored lights reflecting off of it.  I wanted to get enough finished that if anybody showed up at the house I could tell them to pick their own crocheted ornament from the tree for their tree. I am making progress but time is flying by.

My eyes gave me a hard way to go today. I guess the macular degeneration and the cataracts decided to gang up on me. I could see the dark spots forming especially bad in one eye and the clouding was worse in one eye-plus, both eyes teared a lot. It scares me because I do not want to lose my sight and take away the joy of all the things I have worked so hard to learn how to do and still have things I want to learn. But, it is up and on and I still am looking forward to new projects of all shapes and sizes and Uses.

It is cold here tonight- the wind is about to blow the house away and I Hate it after the warm weather we have enjoyed. I picked my next to last Napa cabbage from the garden this afternoon and then took a small aquarium that is broken and covered the last one still in the garden to see if I can keep it going till next week. I can tell you the bugs are still alive and well - even now. When I put the cabbage down into a salt water soak there were caterpillars and a spider and a earwig. I cleaned it up -they are so pretty clean and plan to have a sweet and sour dish. Well, it's midnight and my body says it needs to hit the hay. Sending my love to All.


  1. Oh my goodness. What a surprise to see you pop up...I am so sorry to read of your health's great you have decided to create agin as it will keep you busy and your mind off worrying
    Hope your fur babies are getting better ...
    Hugs Maria XXX

  2. Welcome back to Blogging Linda! Lovely to see you are still sewing and having battles with your embroidery machine!

  3. Sounds like you might be adding to your 'family'. I don't know much about types of cats, but our Patches lived to be 23.5 years~ I've heard that male cats are friendlier than female ones. What do you think!

    I love your crochet projects! You do nice work!
    Be careful in that wind! I hope everyone got their gifts you left, and I'm sure they will love them!
    Many smiles!