Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hump Day

Wow - life just keeps on  rocking and rolling. We went back this morning to the local little nursery and I finally got those yellow pepper plants. The gentleman is just so kind . I would rather eck out my little pennies to him than some big company.

I had also trapped another big coon - aka - chicken eater and took him with us and turned him loose in the mountains at a river where there was plenty of water and crayfish for him to eat.

We came home and I planted all of the little pepper plants and transplanted some of my flowers in front of an ugly old propane tank -hoping the flowers will grow tall enough to kinda hide that tank.

I fed us some peas and potato goulash and then took the girls to the playground to try to burn off some of the two year old's Endless energy.

It was another perfect day for the playground - nice and cloudy and breezy. No sunburns in this weather. lol

We came home and I fixed a big pot of a simple stir fry and then I collapsed. My energy was gone. I managed to see my grandson pop in and then I hit the bed. Of course my fibromyalgia was hurting any way I lay but I was so tired I went to sleep only to have the stray cat wake me up at 3AM attempting to break into my bird cage. At least I will get an early start on my chores. lol


  1. Lovely photos of your girls...
    Pleased you got that coon and he could go hunt elsewhere...

  2. What lovely photos of the girls... I hope you are well.