Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tues. Flies By

I actually got up early this morning when I heard my daughter leave-as she had stayed the night in a tent and the granddaughter and the great-granddaughter were still asleep.

I knew there were garden things I hoped to accomplish . I put all the little chickens out and cleaned out their runs and used their shavings to finish mulching the tomato patch.

Then I moved on to my little Blue Potato patch. I had got a bale of straw yesterday in town and used the whole bale .

I had laid out the wet newspapers on my Casaba Melon plants I had started from seed. I went back up the hill to get the shavings and the wind stole them from me. I had to track them all down and then put the shavings on top of them -from the chicken runs.. Maybe tomorrow I can add the last bit.Last year I had tried these , but I had planted them in a terrible spot so they had died. This year I am hoping for better results.?????????????

I got the peas all squared away.

The pole beans are just starting to climb up the stock panel. I did have a run in with a wasp nest today while I was attempting to work in the flower bed. He has built a nest in a Glove that I had left hanging up on a pole and when I accidentally jiggled it he flew out and hit me in the head a few times. Enough for me to figure out what was going on and RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
I need him to leave town so I can work in the flower bed. I am making progress.

I fixed another one of those sweet potato and white potato mixed -potato salads and it was good. I also fixed deviled eggs and more of the lambsquarter greens for supper. I was famished -so it was really good to me. lol

Right now it is bedtime and one of my little dogs is outdoors attempting to run off a deer in the yard. I wish he could have some success . ~smile~ I might have to go help. lol

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