Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Where The Magic Begins

I Finally made it to my acupuncture treatment and was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO grateful ! My acupuncturist is definitely wonderful and I love her to death. My eyes had missed her since she had strep throat first - then I had a uti and then I had that foot that swelled up the size of a volley ball - for no reason. Then I had a family gig and finally my eyes just got so bad I had to "Run To The Needles"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I hate needles so you know it really makes a difference. She also fixed my TMJ when a dentist told me I would just have to "Live With It".  She told me today that she had used it in my absence to quit smoking. She had been smoking 26 years and she said it just made it 100% easier. I was so happy for her.

I left Marcie's and took the hour drive to our county courthouse to ask questions about my taxes? I had thought I had paid it up for the first 6 months and then another bill came along? That had never happened before and it really put me in a bind?

I left there and took the money my friend had given me for "Puppy Sitting" last week and bought the oil for my car. Everything is just so darn expensive.

I got home at a good time because a Really Hard Thunderstorm came up. My grandson and I were standing on the front porch enjoying the show of the rain coming up the holler and all of a sudden a monster strike of lighting blinded me -right in front of us and the thunder was so loud it hurt my eyes. We both jumped a mile and ran for the house . LOL Then our electricity went out for several hours at dark.

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