Sunday, June 12, 2016

They Just Absolutely Fly By

I had new babies hatch.They are little Cochins .I put all the hens outdoors and did all the chores and then started to work on my little Mantis tiller. I had ordered a new gas tank and a new air filter. It took me a while to get the gas tank off because I booger-ed up the last screw and had to make new marks to get the screwdriver to fit in it and Finally get it off. I then got stumped because the old gas line plug did not fit in the new tank??? As I pondered this the sky got darker and darker overhead so I had to run around like a mad woman grabbed up all the chickens and putting them back in the building just as the rain started pelting me.

When I went back up to lock up the building I asked one of the other little Mama's if she would accept 4 new babies so I could turn off that light that was on them. A Mama does a much better job anyway. She was kind enough to accept.

I said Good Night to the Fantail pigeons as I left. I am miffed because when I went out on the front porch to check the plants -something had come last night and dug big holes in my planters -thus, throwing my plants out ???? GRRRRRR! Darn It.  It just seems So very hard to have anything?

Miss Callie has been full of herself too - She came in last night and started a cat-fight at 1:30Am - and then hot-footed it out the doggie door- - - - Just because she can?  She is such a sweetie but she really needs to be somewhere where she is the only cat???? I keep hoping things will calm down.

My eyes gave me a fit today. I need an acupuncture treatment so bad ??  This week I will have to go talk to the county. They had sent me a statement and I had paid it - only to receive another statement now saying I owe more ????? When you are on a fixed income - you can only pay what you know about?????  That is hard enough.

I tried to make a pot of yogurt -but it does not look like it did  its thing???????? Hum???? I hope this is not a sign of what  the upcoming week is suppose to be like? I still have to figure out that gas tank installation so I can use the Mantis???? And , I am NOT a mechanic??????????????

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