Sunday, June 5, 2016

Start Of A New Week

I guess you wonder what in the world is that???????? Me too - that is what happens when your kids "fix" a hole in the tiller gas tank??? And - it worked for them for 3 days -but when Mom was allowed to use it - No it does not work???  The gas has started to degrade the plastic bag they melted over the hole .

So, I have spent time on the computer today attempting to track down a new gas tank. I have a few leads but have to try to connect with them tomorrow.

This would be so much nicer - that madic is just wearing my shoulders and back totally out - attempting to hand dig my garden.

I did take time to "stop and smell" the flowers . lol  No, this Tickseed really does not have a fragrance but I sure do love it anyway.  It was very dark and rainy today . Sure do wish I could have had my beans planted.

The mosquitoes are driving me nuts already this year. They love to sneak in the house and I have been using Witch Hazel on the bites.I never knew before this year you could use it for that. Learn something new all the time.

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