Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hump Day

Boy, the sun is out but it is cold and windy here in Va.!

Even my little "working crew" were huddled in the sunshine today.

I got one of the wire panels up for my future tomatoes It is a piece of welded wire and I worked to straighten it out. Then drove two metal posts in the ground and attached the wire to the posts. That should be strong enough to hold up those plants once they get some size on them . Now I need to figure out 3 more ????? I have another piece of wire but it is stapled to two bad posts and I cannot find my old fencing pliers to get them out ???? Always a work in progress.

I got rid of my bad wasp nest that I found in my flower bed -so maybe later I can finish up in there. I also got my yellow zucchini plants planted but the wind was so bad it has kind of bruised them , so I a worried about them. I transplanted some Danish poppies and have high hopes for them. I have never had them before but I have seen pictures and they are so beautiful. Maybe I will get to enjoy them this year.

After working outdoors for 6 hours I headed in to a much needed shower. Since it was so cold I got chilled and started to really hurt-so - I loaded up the granddaughter and the great-granddaughter and took them up to the school to let the little one burn off some of that energy.

The sunshine felt really good and I got to enjoy a beautiful view.

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  1. Busy day and much needed break in the sunshine with the girls.