Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thurs. Sewing Guild

It was my Sewing Guild meeting night and I really wanted to attend because one of the members was doing a special presentation about her Embroidery Business. So, one of the Grandmothers came and stayed with the Grandbaby for me. I snapped a picture of both of them . Can't you tell that the fruit did not fall far from the tree. lol

This is that lovely Granddaughter.

The program was wonderful -the gal was wonderful. She showed all kind of stabilizers and fabrics and designs and different machines -and it was wonderful.

The Salvation Army was not going to purchase dolls for Christmas this year so the Sewing Guild purchased 20. I went back and told the lady that I had already purchased a doll on my own and had been working on outfits and that I could bring the outfits next month. She told me to bring the dolls home with me because she did not have room at her house. I brought them -but I Do not have room either. The box takes up most of my sewing table -Ahhh - the "joys" of a tiny house -Grrr.  If you have a tiny house then you do not need any Hobbies. You do not even need to do cooking as there is no room.

Then I got home and my daughter and her boyfriend had had a Monster fight and lots of drama. I am grabbing some potato salad and deviled egg and stuffing my face and falling in bed.

Love to all!

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