Sunday, June 19, 2016

Start of a New Week

A lovely view as I carried my little chickens down to the garden so they would do bug duty for me . (I put them in the little corrals so they work only where I want them to and nothing gets destroyed that way.)

I know this does not look like much - but this is where I hand dug this piece of land and planted my anasazi beans this morning. I actually remembered to soak them overnight to speed them along a little . They are not real common in my neck of the woods so I have to go out of my way to find the beans. I decided I would plant them and leave them on the plants until they were dry for this Winter. I make a pretty good tiller! lol

My little double impatient is growing and very pretty.

I know this does not look like much but it is a project I am very proud of . That trim had come loose on my car and was flapping in the wind. Plus when you opened the door it would poke the front of the car. Crystal got me some double sided tape and I had installed that - but it did not hold and made a big sticky mess.

Then I went to the Riley's Auto Parts and picked up a product called JB Weld . I remembered my DH had used it many years ago for metal . Now I had picked it up to use on a Big Fan that had broken the supports on it in the building but then I thought of this??? The trim is not metal - some kind of plastic. But I figured it would not hurt to try??? And low and behold it is holding good  so far. I am so tickled.

I know this does not look like much either - BUT- this is my Big sewing project - LOL. This is a little cat collar that I had cut down to fit one of my big chicken's leg. But the entire thing had come loose so I took it to the sewing machine and zigzagged it back together ??? lol  I will put it back on her and tie her out in the yard with me while I am working there . The four of them really do help more than you would think . They eat a lot of the grass -fertilize some and even do a good job weeding the walk way. I am grateful for the help they give and enjoy their antics.

Well, the sun is going down so it is time to go load up my little chickens from their corrals and carry them back up to the building for the night. Hope all is well with you.

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