Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Silver Wings

I went today with my Son, Daughter-in-law, two grandsons and my granddaughter and her best friend to the airport .  Dainelle and her best friend who is also her cousin in the car on the way . She Hates pictures so she was trying to ignore me.

First Cory took us out for lunch at the Firehouse  so Dainelle could leave with a full tummy. But after all the hours we waited I bet her tummy is rumbling long before she gets to her destination.

Her folks really did not want to see her go. He Mom cried almost the whole time.

She did not even show any sign of being nervous with this upcoming new chapter in her life.

I was surprised at how professionally she handled her chccking in and asking all the right questions. This is a kid who has never been away from home.

Then up the escalator the whole crew tromped.

The whole crew managed to survive the 3 hour wait.

Mom and Daughter almost look like sisters and they have always hung out together.

They call for her flight and she is ready.

Yep, Mom is still crying. It was at this stage that they almost canceled her flight due to weather???

Disappearing into the Belly of the Beast

Reversing the plane.

And my baby granddaughter is off on a completely new chapter of her life.

Leaving the airport minus one ???? Bye Dainelle!


  1. Good luck Danielle on your new chapter and I am sure mum will get used to it.

  2. How lovely that you all got to see her off on her adventure.