Thursday, June 16, 2016

June the 16th ALready? Half of our month is Gone

I worked hard today outdoors. I put all the little chickens outdoors and cleaned and fed . I had wanted to get the tiller fixed but the taxes took that money when I received a double bill for the month? So there went that money and I decided well, I would just have to go back to my hand digging if I wanted to get those beans planted. So I grabbed the madic and went to digging until my back gave out and I knew I would just have to do a little each day.

I then headed to the chicken building and started moving a big wood pile that was in where the wood stove use to work at? My plan is so move the wood so I can then move my daughter's pile of stuff she has in my corner of the building. She moved the sheet-rock yesterday so now there is this heavy bags that when it came time for me to move them - I  could not even lift them??? I will definitely need her help to get them moved I want to build some kind of run for a few more of my chickens since those darn coons like to break into everything and kill them. The building seems pretty secure as that is where I used to raise my parakeets and cockatiels .

It was very warm by then so I headed to the house and fixed me and the kids some potatoes and peas with cornbread. Just a simple "comfort food"

After we stuffed our faces I throwed them in the car and took them up to the school house to let the little 'French-Fry" burn off some of that endless Energy that I wish I had. Now I know why they used to say that Energy was Wasted on the Youth!!!!!!!!! Because we Old folks Need it.

This is "Miniature Nanny"-wearing my hat at the school that I used to walk about the track-it has such a nice Wide brim to it to try to help protect this puny eyeballs.

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