Monday, November 7, 2016

A Perfectly Beautiful Monday

It was such a beautiful day after the Heavy Frost that blanketed the land. I have this dilemma that If I am in the house I do not want to go Out of the house - BUT- If I am outside the house then I do not want to go back Inside the house??????????????? Absolutely crazy, isn't it?

I was feeling pretty spiffy this morning so I put the chickies back out in their little corrals so they could get so greens and fresh air. I got two loads of laundry accomplished and then my dryer went kaaaapoot!  It won't even grunt at me. I checked the fuse box and pulled the breaker and put it back in but still no go?????  Darn it - I have tried my best to "baby it" all summer long? I am suspicious it might need a new breaker but with money tight anything is a problem.

I got two different bills from my land taxes today so I called them to ask them to explain and they gave me an even different amount ???? I got a lot of housecleaning accomplished today but you know how it is - it is ever ongoing as long as we are breathing.

I only squeaked out time for one more Christmas gift. There just never seems to be enough time in a day.

1 comment:

  1. Come inside, or go outside~ I am an inside gal, but I can understand your dilemma!

    Wow...hope the tax people get that bill figured out!

    Love the picture of your baby!

    What cute pot holders! You always do such a good job!