Thursday, November 10, 2016

Got my usual day's worth of chores completed and carried the firewood ready for tonight and put a log in my daughter's tiny house stove. I just want to keep it going so it would be warm for her when she comes home . Plus, Gabby the manx who hates my Rosie has decided she wants to live with Crystal as a One House Cat. She really loves sleeping on Crystal's bed - keeping it warm for her . lol

I completed another one of these peeking cat butt coasters for another Christmas gifts. I just keep running out of time - where does it go to?

Tonight is the Sewing Guild meeting and Lynne is picking me up for the hour drive. We are wondering If we will run into bad traffic again on 81 -which has delayed us 3 times now by an hour? That interstate is so undependable - between wrecks and road work as they have plans for road work for the next several years.

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  1. Nice cat coaster!
    You mention Crystal lives in a tiny house~ Is it a real tiny house that they show on TV? Maybe you've explained that before. Hope you get to your guild in time! And have fun! Hugs~