Friday, November 11, 2016


Last night was the Sewing Guild meeting and I grabbed some pictures of the dolls that were dressed by the Guild members to be donated to the Salvation Army.

It was really amazing to see all of the different styles and colors  that the members came up with.

This little Amish outfit was a cute hit.

I truly loved them all.

They also had a fundraiser table with these hurricane lamps and cinnamon candles.  If the candles could have been any floral fragrance I would have loved some but the cinnamon always sets my eyes on fire.

Then there was a demonstration on putting together a tote bag using 21/2 inch squares but with my bad eyes that was out of the question for me-but interesting to see the hints for putting it together.

next month there will be no meeting but there will be a Guild lunch and we all bring canned goods to donate to a charity this year.  Last year it was a woman's shelter but I did not hear what it is this year.

My camera gave out so I am in the process of learning how to use this camera on my phone. There is always something new to learn. Boy, I was so tired I came home and went straight to bed after I put wood in the stove last night.

Today I had a project in mind but I have looked ALL Day long and not found what I did with it! Isn't that just the way it is?????

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