Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday Wood cutting and horses???

It was a beautiful day today and Crystal wanted to cut some wood . Give my daughter a chairsaw and let her go to town.  

She kept Tim and I busy just loading the truck.

This beautiful fungus was growing on one of the logs so I just had to have a picture. It looked like a giant white flower growing ?Wish I had a better camera.

Since the truck was almost full I walked down to the spot that I had been cutting in a year ago . Boy was it hard walking . It had grown up so much with all kinds of briars it was rough.

I eventually found my spot and a small wood pile I had left behing but was now almost impossible to get the truck too.

This was part of the view looking back Up the hill that I had stumbled my way down. 

We made our way back down to the house and all 3 of us busted the wood and Crystal and Tim stacked it all nice and neat on the front sidewalk. I am thrilled to death with it and they ended up with quiet a load to use in the little wood-stove in their Tiny House.  I had fixed some soup and it was quiet tasty and we were all pooped.

Then a friend of mine called to chat and he had been sick today. The only thing he had eaten was a gravy biscuit this morning and an ice cream sandwich this afternoon but was sick at his stomach. He has diabetics and does not realize what a poor diet that is -just junk food with no strength to it so I called Crystal and asked her if she would take me to town to buy him some Ensure so I would know he had some calories in him for strength.

 it turned out crystal had 17 cans of it so we took it to him and I took him some of the soup I had made today. 

On our way a horse had got out of the field and we stopped to help. I put my jacket around his neck and was leading him down the bank to his field when the other horses in the field took off and he took off up the highway. Tim followed him in his truck and the farmer came out from his place and I told him what had happened so he want back to the house to get a halter. He came back and we walked up the road to where Tim was standing with the horse and the man put a halter on him. I lead them back down the road to where the fence was gone and the man could hardly believe it so he said he was going to walk him down to the barn so the other horses would follow and he could lock them up.

Tim had a bucket in his truck with some odd nails and hammer so I held pieces of the fence up while he nailed  them up enough if the horses were to get away from him they might not be able to get right out in the road again. A policeman showed up and we told him what had happened and he thanked us for helping.  Everybody was very nice and the animals were not harmed. The big one stepped on my foot and it is sore but as long as those beautiful animals did not get hit by a car - I am a happy camper!

Now, I am good and pooped! lol


  1. Linda it's nice to see some faces to names you have spoken about. A group of hard working people there!!! I'm not too confident with the chain saw, but give me an axe or block buster any day!! lol I hope you foot recovers from being trodden on, you poor thing!!! That was very kind of you guys to get some good food for your friend with diabetes. People are really unaware of how careful they need to be with diabetes. Have a lovely Sunday xxx.

  2. You definitely all had a busy day, no wonder you are pooed..

  3. Linda, you are such a good friend!
    Tim and Crystal are so sweet to help you out with the wood!