Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday flys by

Time just absolutely flies by . I got up and got the chores accomplished  and headed to town to a doc visit only to discover that the visit was canceled. I hated that and it took me all day long to finally get that call on my phone? Too late to help me any but I did not waste my trip as I got re-certified for another year at this clinic I like.

They also rescheduled two of my appointments for this coming Friday so I can accomplish two things at one time and that will help.

I asked about my friend who is not eating right and meals on wheels and they said it is still ongoing so they gave me the papers with the information for it. So, while I was running errands I dropped the information off at his house and told him I hope he will call about it because he is eligible and that way he can have a hot meal Mon. through Friday and it would help him on his grocery bill???? I am hoping he will carry through.

I ran around and did what seemed like a million errands and picked up my thyroid medicine too - so I am good to go with that for a month. Yea.

This is another scarf that I completed for another Christmas gift. Well, gotta go crank up that little wood stove !

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  1. Sorry your appointment was cancelled.. you are so thoughtful to organise Meals on Wheels for your friend..
    Nice to keep busy and get your Christmas gifts made.