Saturday, November 19, 2016

Blow Me Away Saturday

I had to take Rosie (in the picture)back to the vet this morning because she had started her throwing up problem that she has.  The vet checked and this last shot has lasted a year , so he was satisfied with her treatment and I am thrilled to get her the shot so I won't get puked on while I sleep again for a while! Yea!!!!! I love Miss Rosie , the sewing kitty to death , even through she has her own distinct personality.This is the first time I have ever seen her share a nap time On the couch with a pup! Normally she never comes out of the sewing room but since I have been locking poor Callie in her bedroom at night Rosie has been coming out to spend time with me.

While I was coming home the wind started to pick up and they were calling for rain and dropping temperatures-which I hate. I grabbed my two little chickens that I had out in a corral getting some sun and put them back in the building. Then Crystal took me to town to order my new glasses which they say will improve my vision. This time I also got the built in protection for using your computer and the blue rays that damage your sight! I am anxious to get the new glasses - but will have to wait until the end of the month. At least now, maybe there will be no more running for a while and I can get some more gifts accomplished.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - I did have One Big ADVENTURE today. After we left the eye place we stopped and got some super dooper oil for my car as I wanted to get the oil changed and be ready for all of this horrible weather.  When we got home I asked Crystal to park the car on the incline that She normally uses to change my oil. As soon as she was out of sight I changed into my old work clothes and gathered up the tools that I had heard her say it took.

I peeked up under the car and shivered in dread and decided to pull it forward a little for more clearance-then put on the emergency brake and put a cinder block under my wheel.
I slithered up under the front of the vehicle and got my sockets and tested until I found one that would go on. Crystal had thought a 15 but it turned out to be a 11 in my set? I hesitatingly placed it on the oil plug and tugged -and tugged and really tugged with all my might and it finally came loose. I screwed and screwed the plug until it popped loose and warm oil shot out into the container I had down and ran all down my arm and under my watch and I gurgled -YUCK! Thank goodness it was not hot or I would have got burned. After the oil drained out I eased the container out from under the car being careful not to spill too much of it and placed it in a bottle .

I tried to ease back up under the car and put the plug back in and when I did this time I banged my head under the frame and got a good headache for my efforts.I laid there for a few seconds doing some deep breathings to make the pain go away and ease my  claustrophobia fears. I replaced the socket and gave it my best pull until I could pull no more.

I still had the oil filter to go and I was really dreading that so I raised the hood to see IF I could get to it from there and NO- no way there . I was forced to slither back up under the car and gradually ease myself back further under the front of the vehicle . It seemed to take forever to even find the filter and there was only ONE little path to follow to even reach the silly thing-but reach it I did  and gradually turned and turned and turned until it gave way and MORE OIL poured all down my face and neck and down into my shirt. I sure was glad it was not a freezing temperature outdoors yet or I would have had a hizzy fit!!!!!!!!!!! I got the new filter and poured new oil into it so there would be no dry start for the motor and then had to slither all the way back up under the front of the vehicle which is parked on this incline so it was a fight to get into position AGAIN. It took me some finagling to get it back in the position where I could start screwing it back on -I had to use wee little turns as you could not get your hand on it to get a good grip. Then my strengthen gave way and I had to pull my hand down to rest . But then back up and I turned and turned until I could turn no more. I was so excited that I almost forgot to even put the new oil in the motor!!!!!!!!!!!

I had changed my own oil -all by myself -without having to bother anybody and could not feel that my car was protected with new oil. My car is 16 years old and I love her dearly and try to keep her going the best I can and I Hate to bother my kids. I hate to see my daughter up under my vehicle changing oil for me but now that I have done it - I Hate it even more . lol  I had to fight my claustrophobia fears of being up under the vehicle -plus not great strength to do the job.  I hope I got everything the right tightness.

I came in and took a shower to get all the oil off of me. I had to laugh because the oil that had shot across my lips sure did make a good lip moisturizer !!!!!!!!!!   The funny part was after I had got out of the shower -Tim popped in and asked me where the oil was - that he was going to change the oil in my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL - Jeepers I love this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The wind is so bad here now that it has blown part of my front porch metal loose and it is flopping wildly in the wind. I can hear it down on the barn too. I am wondering what it will look like in the morning ?

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