Thursday, October 19, 2017

Successful Thursday

This was such a beautiful flower I just could not leave it outdoors to freeze, so I brought it in to survive as long as it can in a dark house. It is in front of a window -but still a dark house. I do have two little starts taken off of it as the double impatients are one of my favorites.

I got all of the morning chores accomplished and then sharpened the chainsaw once again-loaded my little Tracker with the saw and the gas and the oil and headed down to the road where a friend had dumped a loaf of wood. Since I have discovered that my bar is bent I will need a new bar and chain . But payday is a while off and I need to be productive now that cold weather is here so I can work on smaller limbs

I discovered that one tankful of gas in the saw ran long enough for me to cut a small load that would fit in my vehicle. By the time I cut it and throwed it across the fence and then reloaded it into the vehicle and took it to the house and then unloaded it I was beat and hungry.I put the saw and gas and oil back in the building and carried a basket of walnuts down to the basement too. Time has a way of slipping away from you and I knew I would forget and they would freeze and they would ruin. So, now they are where they will not freeze & in about a month of so I can start cracking them. I am having so much trouble just seeing them to pick them up.

After I ate and cleaned up my mess and rested I pulled out a skein of yarn and went to work on a baby blanket I am making for the charity event. It took me about 3 hours to use up the skein and by then my shoulder and back was complaining. Everybody use to make it like when you got old you could sit in your rocker and crochet your heart of -nobody said you would be in so much pain it would be extremely hard to pull that off.

I was so stiff when I finally got up I like to never got moving to complete the outdoor chores. But I am pleased with the work for the day. I wish I could have got more wood cut but you only have so much energy . Plus, when I work my way through this wood pile I will not be able to cut large pieces because of my bar??? Winter is so hard.

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