Sunday, June 3, 2012

It was another one of those days that just flew away. Our oldest son & his wife came & got our car this morning . He took it to his little garage to fix all of the things that caused us to get a Reject Sticker . They even stopped and washed it and vacuumed it out for me. I have wanted to do that for weeks now as one day seemed to gallop into the next day without accomplishing all of the things I would like to.Cory had even paid for all of it.I really hate that because I know he needs it for his family. The car still has a gas leak somewhere and then the lawn mower's steering broke so he had mentioned coming next weekend. It is a blessing to have a son that can do this type of work.I wish I could have learned , but DH did not have the patience to teach me-plus - he throwed too many screwdrivers and wrenches and I did not want them bouncing off of my head. LOL

I did my outdoor chores first and then the only thing I could get DH to eat was two little eggs. That is a long way down for the 6 eggs a few weeks ago.  I had several things I wanted to do ,but I decided to catch a bit of sewing . It is like medicine for the soul - even though I made my share of mistakes today. Darn it. Still it was the sanity saver that I needed.

Cory & Tracy brought the car back and actually spent a short while with us instead of running off so fast. It was a nice visit. As they were leaving our dear neighbor just two houses down the road popped in. His sweet wife sent DH some treats. Tony had been injured at a tire shoppe he was working at . One worker chipped a piece of metal and it went flying all the way through the back of his eye. It was horrible and he has had so much pain and two surgeries -only to be told he is blind in that one eye now.

This shirt is a size xxl and I really like the fabric.It is a part cotton jersy with some latex and that makes it nice & stretchy. It looks blue in the pictures-but it is really a soft grey.This pattern called for the back to be larger than the front. I have not decided what I think -maybe it would come in handy if someone had an ample bum- to help cover it up????????

I down loaded some new chemo cap patterns -both crochet and sewing & I want to test them out? But, I HAVE to work on those bills and count my blessings that they soon will be paid for this month -one more time.

I better scat- hope you have a wonderful new week!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love the new shirt, I see those tops with bigger backs in all shops this year. It must be the latest fashion!

  2. I love the design! It looks so elegant and fresh!

    Linda, that is so sweet that your son fixed the car for you and hubby! Our children are such a blessing to us! It sure makes all those years of struggle raising them worth it! :)

    Bill paying is not fun, but like you said, you'll get it done for at least another month!


  3. I'm so glad you have such a handy son who can help with keeping your vehicles on the road.
    The shirt is nice.