Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life lessons can be such a challenge. This is a banner that one of our granddaughters made up to welcome her Pawpaw home from the hospital Last Saturday. The hospital had the whole room full when they told everybody there was nothing else they could do for him-they were sending him home to die and to just keep him comfortable with pain medicines.

This "Old Fart" business is not a sign of disrespect -but a quiet joke between him and his grandchildren. Kind of a love message. Then she added pictures of all of his great-grandbabies.

I started to not post about these experiences but then I thought if I could shine some insight for the path for others along the way. I really did consider all though our married life that one of us might die-but then I would tell myself we were young and I just would not take on that worry any earlier than I had to. I had not even heard of prostate cancer at that time in our life.

Our oldest son & his family brought DH home from the hospital in their van so there was room .It was hard to believe watching him come to the front door that things were different now and he would not be making these trips in and out of the house much longer.

But , no matter what that feeling of Needing to create something still rings true with me so I started working on some crochet cancer caps. The doctors were thrilled and told me that there was So many cancer patients who did not have the money to purchase things like this for themselves.

This last trip I noticed that they had put them on a little table with freebies for all.

This has been a crazy week as we lost our electricity one day and it just happened that was the day that DH had got his suspenders hung up under the picc line that is threaded into a vein in his arm so I took him to the office so the nurses could re-dress it .It is a plastic line that medical staff can use for shots instead of having to stick him SO many times -especially since he HATES needles so terribly.

Then  we had NO Phone service. I was SO mad at the phone company , Verizon!  No cell phones -no house phone and IF he was to have another stroke - how in the world would I call for help? This has been an ongoing problem for a couple of months now. I am beginning not to like big businesses like phone companies and electrical companies.

While at the doctors I finally placed a call to the medical people who were supposed to deliver his hospital bed. Next it was a trip to the new pharmacy that we are getting our meds from. Because of the change we had to have a paper copy of what medicines he needed. I hated all of the driving - it is so tiring to me and to him.

I had disassembled DH's water bed that night and carried all of it out the door. My back was just so tired it gave out and I could not carry it to the old building that I hoped to store it in. It was in very poor shape and I do not think I will be able to set it back up as it was starting to rot. That pile is still laying at the front side of the house.Maybe when the grand kids show up I will let them use their big , young muscles. LOL

I moved the chairs from the living room into the now fairly empty bedroom(isn't it amazing how much room a bed takes up in our average Small bedrooms?)DH wanted to be in the living room and it was a good thing that he did because that poor man would NEVER been able to assemble that bed in that small space. He had enough trouble as it was.

I am learning that this job of care-giving is a Lot Harder than I thought it would be-so my heart goes out to all of the care-givers out there , whether family or as jobs. These people work hard!

Today our oldest son came and took Dad out the road to visit a neighbor . While they were gone I eyeballed that hospital bed . I had not been in one since our last baby 28 years ago. Curiosity got the best of me and I crawled up in it . It felt really comfy at that moment and the next thing I knew I was waking up from an hours nap!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta watch those hospital beds - I think they SNEAK up on your blind side. !

Well, I found a minute and I just had to visit with my wonderful blog family!
I love you guys - linda


  1. Hi Linda was so pleased too see you pop up. You have been on my mind.
    So nice all the family there to support you both.
    BIG Hugs Maria

  2. Linda,
    I feel like I'm right there with prayer, thoughts, love and concern! Most important, God is right there with you and Hubby! Never worry about that!

    How right you are about not wanting to think about being separated when someone goes first. I am glad you get this time to tell him just how much you love him. I hope you can have some really nice chats, and maybe remember some wonderful times together.

    My cousin that died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage in April is so sad, because her daughter who is her only child, and pregnant with her second baby never got to say goodbye.

    Linda, I am so happy you have a family that loves you both so much!

    Keep us posted as often as you can....and know that we are praying for you both! My girls are praying and having been praying for you both also! ♥♥♥

  3. My heart goes out to you all... knowing that Dough is on his last journey in life.
    Hang in there, we are all thinking of you.

  4. Hi Linda,
    I love the chemo caps, I bet the hospital welcomed them too. Looks like the Grandies were very creative and busy with the banner. DH must've laughed when he saw it. Take care.
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. How's things going my friend? Worried about you all.


  6. I am so sorry to hear the news . my thoughts and prayers are with you. keep posting if you can
    Hugs Susan